Racism Alive And Well In Southern States

Obamacare?+ Obstruction?x Government Shutdown= Racism

The answer to this equation is, often times, the understood but not spoken reason for much gridlock in our government today. Upon my reference, I came across an article,?Yes, The South Really Is Different ? And It’s Because Of Race.

Personally, race has no geographical boundaries in my view. However, the point is well taken that in the South racist tactics meet little to no resistance such as in gerrymandering, voter suppression, and, the very common, racial profiling.

Republicans Have Attacked Civil Rights Legislation, Implemented Questionable Voter ID Laws, with ?Regressive Voting Rights Laws ?Under Federal Review.

The list could go on and the push back is starting to rear its ugly head. With all the rigor and rhetoric of the past weeks we heard many dog whistle words coming from the both the politicians, pundits and citizens. Words like, obstruction, ransom, hostage and phrases like ‘Domestic Terrorist.” There have been many people who feel the actions of the principles on the right were in fact seditious. Well, that is a gray area, but one thing this episode did reveal, is that the practice of institutionalize racism is alive and well in the South.

What is?Institutionalize racism???The Urban Dictionary defines it as,?”the process of purposely discriminating against certain groups of people through the use of biased laws or practices.”?

Even though, the main purpose of the government shutdown may have been Obamacare ,the underlying issue to all the obstruction and gridlock that lead to the shutdown was in fact the fight over the overall regressive polices and practices of the radically right controlled Republican party; which in fact were nothing more than prime examples of?institutionalized?racism. Obamacare is a racial slur given to name what is in fact the?Affordable?Care Act.?

“Institutionalized racism deprives a racially identified group, usually defined as generally inferior to the defining dominant group, equal access to a treatment in education, medical care, law, politics, housing, etc. – Louis L. Knowles and Kenneth Prewitt, editors, Institutional Racism in America, (Englewood Cliffs NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1969).”

Yes, its true that individuals host their own set of racist feelings that are in fact indigenous to oneself. However, one would be remiss not to recognize the role that institutional racism has played in American History and American Culture. Racism in this country would not have thrived if not for institutionalized racism.

Examples of Institutionalized Racism

  • Slavery In The United States- [No Commentary Needed] Civil War ring a bell.
  • Racism In Medicine– In a report posted by Mike LaCon/flickr.com he stated that?Racism has influenced U.S. health care in the past and continues to do so today. “The most shameful chapters in American history involve the U.S. government funding studies that allowed poor black men in Alabama to succumb to syphilis or Guatemalan prison inmates, mental health patients and soldiers to be afflicted with the disease and other sexually transmitted infections.”
  • Racial profiling-?People are profiled every single day in this country based on the way they look.?People of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent report being routinely profiled at the nation’s airports. In New York City, ?Black and Latino men have been unfairly targeted by that cities ” stop and frisk policy.”
  • Voting Rights legislation-?With the Supreme Courts affirmation that certain aspects of the Voting Rights were no longer relative there has been an onslaught of voting legislation ram-rod through their Republican help state governments to make it harder for minorities to vote and other mechanism to purge the rolls and limit time and access to vote.
  • Church Sunday-?Racism and segregation can be witnessed in no finer fashion than on Church Sunday. ?Even though, there has been more inter-racial Church congregations spring up across the country largely most Churches remain segregated and in fairness whats seems to be by choice. With that said both the The United Methodist Church and the Southern Baptist formally apologize for their support of Jim Crow laws and other racist practices in recent years as well.Despite their efforts to diversify overall church congregations remain mostly segregated up until this day.

With the actions of the Republican party and the Libertarian and Tea Party, all radical elements within that party freely exercising ?institutional racism by using the politics of nullification?the doctrine,?which holds that the states, singly or in concert, can defy federal actions by declaring them invalid or simply ignoring them, don’t expect to see any real change any time soon.

On the contrary, we are seeing embolden?politicians with gerrymandered “safe zones” using nullification to voice the anti-government passions and hate for Obamacare, a fully legally enacted law. We have seen both overt and covert actions to curtail voting ,repeal legislation and in the case of President Obama, delegitimize his presidency.

There Is A Strong Sectionalist Stronghold of Institutional Racism In ?The South

This is an understatement. It seems on mass the force of change brings about fear and suspicion to Southern people. Government is seen as an intrusive force with invasive intentions to do harm to person and community. However, when you look at all unbiased reports, the Southern States garner some of the most benefits from, “Big Government,” they so rail on about.

To put this all in perspective a little history lesson is in order. In practical, these radicalized elements within the Republican party are not ?new free radicals, they are old radicals nothing more than the old Dixiecrat. The George Wallace Crowd is?a?group which housed the KKK and other white supremacist within the then Democratic party. You know the ones who left the party and the Republicans party had no problem embracing when the Democrats embraced both the New Deal of FDR and later the Civil Rights legislation of 1964, which enacted the Voting Rights Acts of 1965.

All of this culminated in a Southern Strategy which is in full force and unlike anytime in history totally exposed itself since the election of one Barack Obama the first person of color to the White House and with a foreign name at that. On her nightly show, Rachel Maddow?does a great job of explaining how this institutionalize racist mechanism has been used for years in the South and moreover, how they won elections using it.

Now that there has been an unveiling of just how some of these racist tactics can be harmful to the overall common good of our citizens. Now that people are getting a clear view of how right-wing politics is holding back states like North Carolina and Texas and Florida.

Now that there has been a turn on the lights moment when the American people can clearly see how obstruction, voter suppression, and how institutionalized racism has directly caused a government shutdown which have resulted in the Republican party getting the lowest approval rating ever recorded by any political party ever, we can maybe just maybe effect change in the South one voter at a time.

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