Raise Awareness With A Delicious Mammo-Graham

If you are going to bake you might as well send a message with your cookie. Marzipan Mammo-Grahams are both meaningful and delicious. Just a few Graham crackers, some special ingredients and you are filling tummies while reminding to take care of your breasts.

Wendy Thomas, author and popular blogger, posted a picture she took at a recipe swap and uploaded it to Facebook to remember how they looked. Before she knew it, Mammo-Grahams went viral, having over fifty thousand shares.


What could be better than showing up at your Breast Cancer Awareness bake sale than with some of these, surprisingly lifelike, delicious homemade, no bake, cookies?

Follow this easy recipe for your own, at home, Mammo-Graham.

What you will need:

  • Chocolate Graham Crackers Split In Two
  • A Roll Of Marzipan (from your grocery store)
  • White Frosting
  • Pink Frosting Gel

The middle of the Mammo-Graham is Marzipan, which you can cut into slices. You should be able to get approximately 13 slices from a roll. Heat the pieces for about ten seconds in the microwave to make them pliable. Mold the Marzipan so that it is flat where the cookies will sit with a rounded bulge coming out. Use white frosting as paste to keep the graham crackers stuck to the Marzipan. Use the pink frosting to make the nipples.

Make sure to create a sign out of anything from paper for the greener chef,?to edible fondant for the more skilled.

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