Cruz & Perkins: Tea Party’s Worst Advocates

I love Pope Francis. I really do. The man is not only phenomenal as a human being, but a shining example of what it would take for folks like myself, and perhaps even Richard Dawkins, to be a little less militant in our lack of faith. And most reasonable Atheists will agree that the majority of religious folks simply want to live their lives and don’t judge people so harshly on the day-to-day.

In other words: people are generally okay regardless of their beliefs or even if they lack beliefs at all.

Which is why it’s so infuriating to see and read things like this. For those of you who are much like me and are entirely too lazy to click that link, the gist of it is rather simple. Republican Senator of Texas Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, has some…shall we call them “interesting” things to say about his baby boy. According to the good Rafael Cruz, Teddy Boy is one of several Christian, Evangelical Christians, who is to be anointed a “king”.

What will his role be as a “king”? Simple! He is to aid the other kings to take control of “all sectors of society” and “bring the spoils of war” to the Evangelicals, causing a “great transfer of wealth” from the so-called “wicked” to the righteous. This is known as the “Seven Mountain Mandate“.

Now anybody who knows a thing or two about recent U.S. history will know that for some time the “Republican” Party has been riling up the religious folks in this country. Looking back, the first Presidential candidate elected primarily because of the so-called “moral majority” was Ronald Reagan. The great Christian movement seemed to die down for some time after his time was over, Bill Clinton fellatio debacle aside, until one George W. Bush came along. Ted Cruz had, allegedly, a lot to do with Bush II’s conquering of the Evangelical vote in 2000 and when he “won” that election thus began his “Faith Based Initiative”.

It doesn’t take much more than a few minutes research to discover that this is the “great transfer of wealth” in action. George W. Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative” is really nothing more than the Evangelical right taking over certain aspects of U.S. government to further their own interests. Thankfully, they aren’t necessarily winning that fight.

This ties in with something else I’d like to speak about. Reverend Gary Hall, the Dean of National Cathedral in Washington, spoke out during the LGBT Weekend of Honor by calling homophobia a sin. In fact, he said:

“We must now have the courage to take the final step and call homophobia and heterosexism what they are. They are sin.”

Strong words from a Christian man. Thing is, much like Pope Francis, this makes me love the man. That’s right, two Christians that this sinful Atheist absolutely loves. Turns out you can follow your religion without being a disrespectful boar about it.

Sadly, one man didn’t take too kindly to Rev. Hall’s statement, the?head of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins.

According to Mr. Perkins, Reverend Hall is a “false prophet” who “encourages those who do evil”. He came to this conclusion because “The Book of Jeremiah…says false prophets speak a vision from their own heart, not words from the mouth of the Lord.”.

Didn’t Jesus instruct us to love our neighbors? Yup. In Mark 12:31? Definitely not my imagination.

This is the type of person that the Tea Party wants to see in power, folks. They’ll fight tooth and nail to insure it, too. Right to their bitter, yet inevitable, end.

I'm Jonathan Lenhardt; fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republican. I'm pro-choice, pro-2nd Amendment, anti-Tea Party, and happily atheist just to name a sparse few things about me. You can direct all hate mail to [email protected]. Also, you can find me on Google+, Twitter (@JonLenTheLC), and I have an L.C.-specific Facebook page (Jonathan Lenhardt, The Liberal Conservative).