Girl, 12, Takes Own Life To ‘Be With Father In Heaven’

A tragic story?comes out of Poland as 12-year-old schoolgirl Maria Kislo was found hanging in her bedroom.

Young Maria was found by her mother, Monika, as she was preparing to read her daughter a bedtime story. When Monika found her she had Maria’s 13-year-old brother, Michal, retrieve her. Sadly, she had already passed. A note was found in the girl’s room that detailed her reasoning for taking her own life so young:

Dear Mum. Please don’t be sad. I just miss Daddy so much, I want to see him again.

Maria’s father, Arek, passed away four years ago, in 2009, after suffering a sudden heart attack. Monika was obviously heartbroken saying:

…I lost my husband… (and) this year my daughter.

Five years ago I lost my husband Arek, this year my daughter. I don’t know if I can go on, and I wouldn’t if it was not for my son.

She added:

She didn’t seem unhappy. She didn’t have problems at school and she seemed a happy little girl… I had no idea she missed her father so much, she never really spoke about it.

Let this be a reminder to love those you have with you today and never take them for granted. Also, don’t forget to teach our young people the facts of life and always – always – be there to support them in times of loss.

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