Rich Prick – In flagrante delicto: John C. Kelly’s Sex Crimes Revealed

The truth is that every human has inside them a devil. But, by cultivating the “better angels of our nature” (as Abraham Lincoln said), most humans are kind and good.

Money has a way of cultivating the devil.

Morgan Stanley's John C. Kelly
Morgan Stanley’s John C. Kelly, charged with three felonies for videotaping women servicing him.

Take the case of Morgan Stanley “private wealth manager” John C. Kelly, head of Williams College, who was hustled into Manhattan criminal court Friday night. What devil was Mr. Kelly allegedly cultivating? Mr. John C. Kelly was charged with three felonies–recording women as they performed sex acts on him. Why is that detail so telling? Because it shows that Mr. Kelly was such a rich narcissist that he didn’t even have the courtesy to have sex with these women whose trust he allegedly abused. No, on top of his video-recording, he treated them as servants.

Without even knowing the particulars of the life and career of Mr. Kelly, we already know enough: 10 years at Morgan Stanley, which means 10 years of making too much money kissing the asses of other rich people, “managing” their money, catering to the needs of already obscenely-rich plutocrats, those governed likely by the rule “behind every great fortune there is a crime.”

So, Mr. Kelly did not disappoint. If convicted of the felonies he is charged with, he faces 12 years in prison. He will have plenty of time to learn from other devils.

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