Does America Know Where It’s Going? What Would It Look Like?

While sitting in my quiet place under reflection a song came to my mind by Diana Ross that goes, Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the things that life is showing you? Do you know?? This came to my mind while watching a video entitled, What Would It Look Like.

One of the first things I have come to understand is that America as big and vast and militarily powerful as we have become is nothing more than just another nation among other nations that make up a global community. As a self-proclaimed “leader of the free world,”?what kind of example are we as a nation sending out to the universe?

Is America setting a good example? Are their powerful influences in this country dedicated in shaping what people think? What people do? How many people in our country does life no longer matter cause they have no money? Is America showing a spirit of equality or one of inequality?


In a nation where many people feel was founded on Biblical principles are we being good stewards of the land,water and air we breathe in which we were commanded by God’s word to be, or are we exploiting it ? ?Is America truly “One Nation Under God?”

This is not a scientific rendition but a spiritual one. With that said, it does not take a scientist to see that the answers to the above mentioned questions are no we are not. We as a collective people have ?some that are advocating for environmental ?reforms and regulations and have agencies in place to combat violators but these efforts have been marginalized by big money in the form of political donations by the industrial free markets players to influence lawmakers and moreover the regulators themselves.

Can we as a global tribe get our act together fast enough to change our global behavior fast enough?

According to the Gospels in the Greek scriptures [New Testament] Jesus himself was not able to change the mind of the masses. In fact, they rebuked him and the religious zealots of the day had him executed by the controlling governmental authority.[Romans]

This documentary makes a point that people in general are a product of their environment and socialization. People tend to take an easy road of staying in their own narrative their own cover what this writer calls their own comfort zones. The real valid question now can it be fixed or is it too late? We hear these dog whistle words like, “free,” “liberty” and phrases like “I wanna be free,” and “God Bless America.”

There are serious challenges for all people from every corner of the world. The question becomes what can we do to respect every single individual in this land while respecting their differences in culture, religion, and ?affect positive change. There is a brutal history of mankind doing the exact opposite and the willingness of individuals to change their narrative, their cover, their socialization is maybe one of the most challenging endeavors of mankind period. So, in a global community it’s ?important that we learn to be respectful of our differences within a global community as opposed to trying to change communities to the American way for lack of term.

unityWhy can’t we as a global community not embrace our differences with the outlook that one could actuate these differences into a positive creating an outlook that it’s these new-found respects for difference that makes the world we live in better.

People Have The Capacity to Make Peace or War!

?We live in a world today of many conflicts. There are conflicts of resources like oil. There are conflicts of people in the form of racism. There are conflicts of religion. A larger question is can there be a solution to these conflicts? The human spirit has an unlimited potential. However, due to the aforementioned “comfort zones” that people tend to encompass themselves in, we resist change of these tenants of our lives. One of the first things you learn when becoming a writer of anything really but especially politics is to try to refrain from personal opinion, “report the story don’t become a part of it.”

However, with an assignment like this one that rule can be a challenge to follow within itself. It has been my observation that it’s far easier for a person to group up in their prospective ‘comfort zones” rather than embrace the challenge of change. It’s much easier for a person to demonize something outside their comfort zone as opposed to shedding their socialization and embracing these differences seeking a common understanding. There are powerful groups who know this and fuel it by propaganda in the media, from the privatization of our schools, and from the bully pulpit of a little church in the dale and lastly within the family structure.

As a former disc-jockey, I sometimes equate things in life to music. “Life is a Song.” As I write this a word comes to mind which in turn reminds me of a song. That word and song title,”?Queen Latifah U-N-I-T-Y?.”

This unity is manifested in this documentary as “Global Oneness.”?


Here its important to understand that “Global Oneness” does not suggest New World Order, but an indifference to it (NWO). It means a “oneness in mindset” to be aware but most of all recognize the realities of human nature.?In this documentary we are challenged to ask ourselves are humans ?in power really ready to relinquish that power. Are people going to give up their comforts?

Throughout the history of America and the world there have been examples of extraordinary people. There have been fine examples of community organizations for a cause and there has been some who have always fought against the onslaught of the human nature that runs this system of things we live in now.

On the other hand, there have been more examples to the point of being a reality of how human nature rules man to his own injury. At least in this writers life at no time has this been the reality than this present system of things we are subjected to now.

Lets be honest if a wise man came down from the sky and told everyone to stop using your cars. Stop using the air conditioning in your home. Melt your guns! Grow your own food! Raise your own livestock. This documentary points out that people would just not give these comforts of convenience up from their lives. As the population explodes and we become more consumer driven by polices put in place by politicians who are in the hip pocket of the special interest ?set-up to gain from it there will be a draining of our natural resources.

How Is The World Going To Support This Population Explosion?

We have systems and structures in place that condone violence as long as its sanctioned by the state or government. We have elements within our global society who have much to gain from division of the nations such as the American war industry that makes a living off the American conflicts and pays lobby groups to push America into more and more nation building.

We see media forces backing this agenda with fire and vigor with the goal of arousing the steeple to back these unjust wars by ?fueling ?this anger and exploiting these division of ?the nations.


drone?There is no money to be gained, no power to be forged by promoting mutuality and oneness. In short, there’s ?no money to be made in pushing for ?unity. The documentary makes note that there will be no positive transformation from this reality until these system and structures start to breakdown and people actually start to feel this in their everyday lives. But, we must not forget that these destructive systems and structures are kept in place by individuals so there is and has been this vicious cycle of deterioration of the human fabric to make peace cause there is no money in peace.

But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here.?2?For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal,?3?having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness,?4?betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God,?5?having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away.?6For from these arise those men who slyly work their way into households and lead as their captives weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires,?7?always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth. ( 2 Timothy 3: 1-7)

Everybody has the right to produce and be what their human potential allows them to be but under the present system people are hoarded into a modern-day form of slavery ?by having to take jobs that in many parts of the global community have no set standard or concept of a living wage. In America today, you have elements in the American government who are trying their dead level best to do away with the minimum wage which in itself is a slave wage. Think about this. What does a minimum wage actually say? It says that if Walmart could get by paying its workers less they would. Big and small ?business and corporate America are fighting as hard as they can to keep the movement to raise the minimum wage just that a movement and not a reality all in the guise of freedom and free markets and the holy realism of profits. But at what cost to our natural resources and our environment and the overall sense of community equality.

People want to participant in human endeavor. They want to feel a part of the community. This is also part of the human nature. People want to experience the feelings of freedom of choice, freedom to move around as they chose, and have been socialized into thinking they must take these slave wage jobs to get their little piece of the ” America Pie“, the ” American Dream.”

There Has Been A Fundamental Failure of Justice for All Globally!

We as a collective of people who search for justice and seek it for mankind must get involved. It’s this drive for fairness and oneness that has spurred many to action, to get involved, to accentuate change. But, as we have seen in America other groups of people who are driven by fire and brimstone preachers and bought and paid for politicians and been fooled by media outlets with hidden agendas funded by the Global elites of this big bad boogie man called government that’s coming to get you in the dark of the night to whisk you away into some-kind of ?captive state. When in fact, it’s these Religious organizations[Christendom] and Corporate America and the political parties with wrong motive politicians who have lined their personal pockets to push for privatization, deregulation, no oversight of the so-called “free markets” and to hoard groups of people into gerrymander voting districts with the intent to manipulate elections and to disenfranchise others by imposing “over the top” unnecessary voter ID laws with the goal of purging the voter rolls. The side-effect of this causes many to not even take place in the Democratic process for feeling its a rigged futile process.

This documentary implores us to seek oneness, to seek fairness, to seek justice and to accept our global diversities and use it as a source of strength as opposed to those who use it to divide and conquer. We should embrace our identities and solicit acceptance of others identities. In Short, harmonize the world!

It is the view of many that we have reached a boiling point on this exploitation of nature, of people and that the result of this is terrorism, civil disobedience, violence and people and groups of people becoming radicalized. There is a side-effect that is driving the global communities into unhealthy discourse and disrupting this goal of harmonizing the world.

What is fundamentalism?

Fundamentalism?is the demand for a strict adherence to orthodox theological doctrines usually understood as a reaction against?Modernist theology, primarily to promote continuity and accuracy.[1]?The term “fundamentalism” was originally coined by its supporters to describe five specific classic theological beliefs of Christianity, and that developed into a?movement within the Protestant community?of the United States in the early part of the 20th century, and that had its roots in the?Fundamentalist?Modernist Controversy?of that time.[2]

The term usually has a religious connotation indicating unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs.[3]?”Fundamentalism” is sometimes used as a?pejorative?term, particularly when combined with other epithets (as in the phrase “right-wing fundamentalists”).[4][5]?(Source Wikipedia)

What has this fundamentalism produced in this world? When people do not want to share their world the only thing that is left is fundamentalism.


In a phase, “Sectarian Violence.” The unwavering dogma of not accepting anything that is outside one’s comfort zone has led and is the foundation for leading our global communities to the brink of massive unabated wars and conflicts. The goal of the evil influences such as the global elites and religious zealot organizations is to isolate the so-called out groups and to either make them conformist or else wave the ugly stick of economic ?sanctions, drone strikes and conquest in their collective faces. The fact however is that it’s not about uniformity at all. It’s not about making the world one type of culture. The Global Oneness narrative is not to force or persuade people into one culture. Instead what this documentary makes explicit is what different cultures are looking for is a way to maintain their diversity while contributing to and helping each other. This includes our peculiarities which creates our global diversities. The goal is to build and shape a society that has mutual respect for this diversity. By doing so we can create a world of great cultural awareness and richness.

This involves our relationship with nature. With our spiritual life.

It’s Dangerous To Search For Unity When Diversity Ends!

The whole aim of the Global Oneness project is to bring about transformation. This transformation starts from the identity we were born into. From this identity we were born from instead of hunkering down into our identity “comfort zones” while holding to our identities we accept that we are all a part of a larger global family of identities. The challenge we ?all face is the mere holding fast to our identities while embracing others and to dispel the learned behaviors of socialization and the radical demagoguery that has transpired throughout the history of mankind. What a boring place this earth would be if we were all lumped into one identity how refreshing the diversity of culture makes this world we live in become.

How positive we feel when we challenge ourselves to diversify our environment, diversify our thought, diversify our circle of friends. This documentary encourages us to expand our lives as oppose to shutting ourselves off from anything that appears to be outside our comfort zones. The Global Oneness project ask us to accept our fears and face them and by doing so not only do we enrich the world and communities in which we live we enrich our own lives our own families.

In closing, this documentary acknowledges that we as a collective people don’t have all the answers to life’s ills. But,it ?pushes us to use our imagination and capacity for love to effect this transformation of hate of one another to a common expression of love and acceptance of the diverse world we are all a part. What Would It Look Like?asks us to stop for a moment and look at our lives from a broader perspective. That then and only then will we as a global community realize that there are more important things in life than spending a whole weekend at the mall, and trying to acquire all the material aspects of this capitalistic world we have been socialize into. Let us use our human experience to enhance the experience of others knowing that this attitude will in fact enrich our own lives and more importantly be a positive example for others to follow.

Now Can You Imagine What That Would Look Like!


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