Cruz Says Evolution Is Plot Of Commies,Gays, And Obama Thinks He’s God

Recently more video has surfaced of Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, talking about evolution, the gays, communism, and of course President Obama. These seem to be favorite topics for Mr. Cruz. As not long ago I wrote about him saying that he wished he could send the President “back to Kenya,” completely missing the irony of saying he wants to send someone back to their father’s birthplace.

Rafael Cruz is not one to let those tricky little things like facts interfere with his ramblings in the video he states:

We are being brainwashed by the school system and you’re called a ?retrograde,? you’re called an ?idiot? if you fight evolution. Evolution is not a fact, there is nothing factual about evolution.

Let’s pause for a moment. When children are taught science in school they aren’t told they have to forsake their faith. They are being taught science. If science makes you question your faith, that is a personal problem not a problem for science. Is science supposed to stop exploring because some people feel their kids may have questions? I thought we stopped persecuting scientists several hundred years ago.

He also said in another clip:

You know most Americans have their head in the sand about evolution. I’ve met so many Christians that tell me ?well, evolution is a scientific fact.? Baloney! I am a scientist; there is nothing scientific about evolution. But you know something, Karl Marx said it, ?I can use the teachings of Darwin to promote communism.? Why? Because communism, or call it socialism if you think communism is too hard a word, necessitates for government to be your god and for government to be your god they need to destroy the concept of God. That’s why communism and evolution go hand in hand. Evolution is one of the strongest tools of Marxism because if they can convince you that you came from a monkey, it’s much easier to convince you that God does not exist.

I don’t know when Pastor Cruz became a scientist; his degree is in math. Let’s move along though, it is disturbing that he seems to think communism and socialism are the same thing, they are not. If he concedes there are Christians that believe in evolution, and the Christian God wouldn’t, that means the fictional plot of evolution to make government God, is failing? Just saying. In another part according to Right Wing Watch he states:

Obama needs for you to see him as God,? Cruz said. ?The concept is, make government your god. It’s done by evolution; it’s done by destroying the concept of religion and God, and secondly by destroying the family.

As if that’s not enough, according to Pastor Cruz evolution, and thus communism, is just a gay plot to, oh hell I don’t know, I’ll let him explain:

You know communism or socialism, whatever you want to call it, what is happening in this country is not different than what happened in Cuba; the procedure might be different, they may be a little slower, but it’s the same thing. It is about government control of your lives. You got to realize how Marxist, how socialism works. We need to understand the issues. When you hear all these things about homosexual marriage, this has nothing to do with homosexual rights. Did you know that? The whole objective is the destruction of the traditional family, it has nothing to do with homosexuals, they could care less about homosexuals, they want to destroy the family.

This is typical right wing rhetoric. It is several levels of tea party nonsense wrapped up in a bow of illogical ramblings that he hopes will sound credible because he is from Cuba. He leaves out he fought with Castro, not against him. He seems oblivious that if we were so close to Cuba someone would have shut him up all ready. He leaves out that communism and socialism are not the same. He dismisses the fact that “homosexuals” have families. They have kids, partners, and loved ones. Their families are real families too no matter what he says.

Maybe this nice video by ASAP science explaining evolution in less than three minutes will clear things up for Pastor Cruz and his friends. There is no plot; just science.

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Laurie Bertram Roberts is the president of Mississippi National Organization for Women, a feminist activist, full spectrum doula and writer in Jackson, MS. Her family suspected she was trouble when at age 8 she preferred reading weekly news magazines over girly magazines. Her early fascination with liberal ideals, women's rights, was not quite welcome in her conservative fundamentalist Christian home. She is incredibly passionate about reproductive justice and fighting all forms of oppression. When not speaking truth to power she is likely hanging out with her children watching sci fi or doing other nerd like things.