Duck Dynasty Dad Speaking At GOP Convention, But Pics Prove It’s ALL FAKE!

As details of this promotional stunt plays out concerning the A&E hit show Duck Dynasty, I was reminded of an Alexander O’Neill late 80’s song entitled FAKE. This writer does not watch the show and this fiasco is my self verification on why I made that choice. The show is a staged modern-day version of the Andy Griffith Show. However, there is one major difference. Duck Dynasty parades itself as a so-called reality show. All one really has to do is peel back a few layers to see that this is theater with some really poor acting to boot. From Mail Online:

The Robertson family has a merchandise empire that is estimated by Forbes to be worth about $400 million and their deal with Walmart makes up around half of this.

This was Jep back then:


And with his family back then.0d15a71b6ed89399d670e2181c927392

And here he is now! Whoa!


How about a bleached-blonde Willie? Yes, that is really him.


But….he’s changed a bit.


And Jase, the one who pretends to be stupid. Doesn’t he look nice here?



But here he is now. He’s the one who always pretends to be so stupid.


What a nice looking group of young men!

All the right-wing religious zealots are up in arms about the suspension of the family idol Phil Robertson for the now widely distributed remarks which have not only offended many Americans, but has landed him in the A&E jailhouse. What is the response of the shows huge Redneck following? Well, it appears to rush down to the nearest Walmart store and buy Duck Dynasty stuff right here at the ” prime time” of the holiday sales season. Great timing for a promotional stunt wouldn’t you say? From Mail Online:

Duck Dynasty’s $400 million empire booms despite gay sex remarks: Walmart SELLS OUT of show merchandise as fans flock to support Phil.

You would think that people would realize that the show is staged. Its Hollywood Louisiana style. Just like the old Andy Griffith Show, the Robertson family are shaped and fitted and edited characters.(Source: Brian Lowery TV Columnist @blowryontv)

In fact, with the details that are coming forth one might ask themselves, Do you really know what you’re defending and supporting?

Which begs an even deeper question. Is Phil Robertson a true man of faith as he portrays himself in this staged theatrical edited show or is he just in character? With the evidence that has come out, it’s a fair question to ask.

Oh yes, there is a political angle to this promotional stunt. Not only does it play on the far-right Christian flock fears that the media is against them and disrespectful to them, it plays on the fact the architects of this masquerade ¬†know that the flock by and large are media illiterate. But if they see it on Fox News, that Phil Robertson’s free speech has been violated, they will believe its true. What this all boils down to is a marketing plot to boost Duck Dynasty rating, increase sales of brand merchandise, and give Tea Party nut-hacks like Sara Palin something to wail about. So,”Is It Real or Is It Memorex?” From Variety:

Yet while many of those who watch Duck Dynasty no doubt feel like they know the Robertsons, these characters are shaped through editing and writing in virtually the same way The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family is. So the guy you see, as colorful as he is, isn’t necessarily the real-life version.