The ‘Other’ Conservatives


This article was recently shared by one of my beloved conservative relatives. He’s a good guy and probably believes (mostly) that these ten things are NEVER, EVER thought by conservatives because HE is a good guy. He’s just na?ve ? really, really na?ve. In his defense, he lives in a tiny town in Eastern Washington. So, his national perspective is pretty limited and he is a product of the generally laid back non-hater culture of the Pacific Northwest.

In fact, there are lots of reasonably minded, kind (dare we say, bleeding heart) and decent conservatives out there. I’m guessing these people are as appalled as we are at the extreme right-wing and tea party platforms. However, all three groups have something in common ? they’re all conservatives. So, unless the author wants to separate the nice guys from the nut jobs and give them a new name, he has to concede some of the stereotypes are based in reality, whether he believes them or not. Hmm, what WOULD we call them? ?Conservatives Not to be Confused With the Haters?? Too long. How about ?The Other Conservatives?? You know, the ones that aren’t one taco short of a combination plate.

The title of this article makes me feel bad for the author. Though apparently not of this world, he’s definitely one of the good guys. ?10 Offensive Things Conservatives are Accused of Thinking ? Yet They Actually Never, Ever Do.? Never, Ever? This better be good.

Before he gets to these ten offensive things, the author pauses to chastise the liberals among us for sharing ?unsolicited opinions? and talking on behalf of others. Then he proceeds to do exactly that by writing this article. Unless, of course, someone asked for his opinion and he actually spoke to every conservative on the face of the planet.

Take a look at a couple of the things the author claims conservatives NEVER, EVER think.

?Black people are inferior to white people.? Sorry, dude. Not only are you wrong, you’re double wrong. PEOPLE still think black people are inferior to white people; not just conservatives. The notion that there are only five remaining KKK members and a ?few dozen Nazis? lingering on the outskirts of society is not only delusional, it’s scary. The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates there are currently between 5,000 and 8,000 active members of the Klan. And, I’m sorry to say, there’s a pretty nice-sized group of them not 10 miles south of where I live.

The author also claims there are only ?a few dozen? neo-Nazis lurking around these same outskirts with those five KKK members. The SPLC estimates there are close to 1,000 hate groups in our country alone. These are the neo-Nazis, the skinheads, the white supremacists, etc.

Most of us think, but can’t actually ?know? that these groups are likely made up of mostly conservatives (they don’t tend to advertise their affiliations). But if the author of this article can say ?NEVER, EVER,? then I can confidently say the people in these groups are primarily conservatives. So there.

The author also contends ?Nobody, and I mean nobody, is against immigrants.? Please excuse my incredulity, if that’s a word. The very idea that no one is ?against immigrants? flies in the face of the hundreds and thousands of posts on conservative sites to the contrary. And, what about the protests that bring out the very worst in people? Nobody??Wishful thinking, buddy?but I’m right there with you.

There’s eight more ?offensive things? in this article. By all means, check them out. The bottom line: We can only dream conservatives NEVER, EVER think these things. The problem with presenting your hopes and wishes as fact, Mr. Becker, is that people tend to believe them?and they’re simply not true. You give the good people false hope while the bad guys think they’re protected from the consequences of their hate. In other words, you’re hurting all of us.

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I love America and embrace diversity in all things. I like to challenge people to look beyond the end of their nose. We should all try on different shoes. Expanding our scope makes us better human beings. I don't dig in my heels on everything -- I want to learn and understand other perspectives. However, I won't tolerate racism and don't suffer fools. If you want to change my mind about something, show me bipartisan facts.