At Debate, Creationists Send Evolution Supporters A Message

Last night Bill Nye and Ken Ham both answered and debated?”Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”?Buzzfeed decided to give some?self-identifying creationists a chance to write a message/question/note to the other side and this was the result:


2-5-2014 2-19-46 PM


2-5-2014 2-18-49 PM


2-5-2014 1-56-47 PM


2-5-2014 1-56-10 PM


2-5-2014 1-55-27 PM


2-5-2014 1-54-44 PM


2-5-2014 1-53-47 PM


People took to twitter and had plenty to say:












If you watched the debate, Ken Ham made it clear that he believes teaching creationism is required to save the soul of our nation. Bill Nye made it clear that without teaching science, all science, we risk putting our nation behind in the world.

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