This Is What A Frozen McRib Looks Like. Spoiler Alert: You May Never Eat It Again


Image: Reddit

As mentioned on Gothamist back in November, the annual visit of the McRib?– McDonald’s iconic seasonal sandwich — is a much heralded event. Well, we now have visual proof that the McRib patty is not quiet the awesomeness that McDonald’s advertises.

A Reddit user posted ?the above photo that was sent to him by a friend who’s a McDonald’s employee.?From Gothamist:

The photo apparently shows “raw McRib meat” and, judging by the boxes in the back, it’s safe to say we’re looking at Le McRib Canadien. Wonder if they use the same ratio of “restructured meat product” to “scalded pig stomach” up north??Waste not want not!

Ultimately, this frozen pig sponge gets dressed up in barbecue sauce and sandwiched inside a cornmeal bun for 500 calories and 980 milligrams of sodium for your digestive pleasure. If you’ve still got the stomach for it?ho HO!?the McPopsicle should return to your local Mickey D’s in the next few weeks.


It’s hard to believe that so many people worship this nasty sandwich, but to each his own. Here’s how awesome McDonald’s makes the McRib sound:

The tasty fan favorite slathered in tangy barbecue sauce, slivered onions and tart pickles all on a hoagie style bun.

And on a page of the McDonald’s website that lists “100 Reasons to Eat a McRib,” we find this:

We know you’re out there – the ones who have never tasted the legend that is the McRib. Maybe you’re saying “Give me one good reason to try a McRib.” Please. With that tender, boneless pork, bathed in our sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, do you really think we could stop at just one reason?

Bon app?tit, McRib fans! We should maybe all be thankful that it only surfaces once per year.

Here’s a video:

h/t Gothamist

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