Female Supporters Of Cliven Bundy Volunteered To Go On Front Lines


One of the most prominent supporters of rogue Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy raised a lot of eyebrows earlier this week when he said that he and his colleagues planned to have women out in front in case of a shootout. But it turns out that several of Bundy’s female supporters actually volunteered to put themselves in the line of fire.

On Wednesday Richard Mack, the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona and now the president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, an organization of law enforcement officers who oppose gun control and support “states’ rights,” appeared on Alan Colmes’ radio show to explain his claim that Bundy’s supporters were “strategizing to have all the women up at the front.”? Mack revealed that he has since learned there was no strategy at all.? In truth, he said, when he arrived at the ranch, he learned that roughly five percent of those present were “cowgirls,” and they had actually offered to go out front on horseback in case the situation escalated into a shootout–with no prompting whatsoever. Mack was so moved by it that at the time, he thought it had been planned.

Whether this was planned or not, the mere thought that these people were willing to go this far in order to make federal agents look like “jackbooted thugs” should send a chill down anyone’s spine. However, the BLM may still have the last laugh. Bureau chief Neil Kornze says he fully intends to take Bundy to court to force Bundy to pay over a million dollars in back grazing fees.

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