Christian Politician v. Christian Pastor On Equal Marriage Rights – Who Wins? (VIDEO)

There is something more than lovely about the conversation in this video. Not only several stereo-types broken down, but we see ? two types of leader challenge each other on lgbt equal rights and the right one wins. I say the right one, because choice is discussed and there is no choice in being gay, just as there is no choice in being straight. Why can’t people see that?

The politician in this video is not any politician. He is Kevin Rudd, the prime minister of Austrailia. He believes being gay is natural. And he even as a petition asking for people to sigin it it they believe it’s time for equal rights in Australia. How about we show them some love and sign it from over here in America?

The Bible comes up. Oh no, now here we go… No, we don’t. If one is a Christian, and I claim to be in that I strive to live Christlike, the we are known to follow the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ. No where in the Bible, does Christ say homosexuality is a sin. You will find plenty of interpretations in the old Testament, and possibly you can twist some wording to make it sound like it’s denouned in in the New Testament. But I challenge anyone to find were Jesus say homosexuality is a sin. And if you believe in the words of Christ, would not it make sense to give up the lie that God is against lgbt? Apparently not and the pastor who believes gays are against the word or Christ is wrong.

And where is thee?I wish my best friends Allan was alive to see this. I hope somewhere they are looking down and watching. I’m not sure of a heaven, but given my Buddist influence (I catch so much slack for that) we go to a higher place until we reach enlightenment or what I also see as hanging out with Jesus.

I sometimes bring up my faith in my stories to show there are many Liberals who are Christians. We are not all what you often see on mainstream, and we are certainly not Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ hate group. What we are ?is evolving. And it’s again, more than lovely.

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