What Is A Whole Foods Diet? This Is Organic Vs. GMO Foods 101.

h2>What is a whole foods diet?

What is a whole foods diet? I’m not the best person to ask. I’m famously guilty of not paying enough attention to the sources of the food my family eats. My cabinets are full of stuff that would make a personal trainer faint. A lot of that has to do with simple lack of knowledge and some of it has to do with affordability. Simply put, it costs more money to eat healthily. I’m trying to do better. This chart helps. It’s genuinely terrifying to know how our food is killing us.

Some highlights from the infographic:

  • 88% of the corn in the world is GMO corn.
  • 93% of the canola in the world?is GMO canola. And to think that we were encouraged to use canola oil if we can’t afford healthy oils like olive oil. A perfect example of how being poor makes it harder to strive for optimal health.
  • 98% of the soy grown in the world is GMO soy. Enjoy that “healthy” soy latte.
  • 80% of processed foods are GMOs. I’m looking at you, Hamburger Helper in my cabinet.
  • Your babies are being poisoned from an early age. Baby formula contains GMOs.
  • GMOs are partially responsible for the decreasing bee, frog, and monarch butterfly populations.
  • Care to take a guess who is the TOP GMO country? Bingo.

Again, I’m not the expert on how to eat healthier. What is a whole foods diet? Kyle would have done better with this article. But here is how he advised me to eat:

“Do the best you can. Buy the best quality of anything that you can afford. If you can’t afford to go wholly organic, just do it when and where you can.”

I can do that. I have a small garden. That’s a start and answers part of the question of “what is a whole foods diet?”


what is a whole foods diet

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