Kid Pulse: ‘Arrogant’ Dick Cheney Holds Hillary Clinton Responsible For Benghazi


Then VP Dick Cheney swearing in new Senator Hillary Clinton


Dick Cheney displayed a horrendous amount of arrogance when interviewed by Fox News. He claims that Hillary Clinton,?being the former Secretary of State, should bear responsibility for the tragedy in Benghazi.


Wallace: What do you think about Benghazi? Do you think that she did anything wrong and should she be held responsible for the events surrounding that attack?

Cheney: She was secretary of State at the time that it happened. She was one of the first in Washington to know about it. I think she clearly bears responsibility for whatever the State Department did or?didn’t?do with respect to that ? that?crisis.

I do think it’s a major issue. I don’t think?we’ve?heard the last of it yet, and I would expect that she will be held accountable?during the course of the campaign.

Watch Dick Cheney being interviewed on Fox News Sunday by Chris Wallace:

Dick Cheney, our former Vice President, the one who sent our troops to war in Iraq, says that Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for the deaths of ?four?Americans at Benghazi. If that’s the case, Mister Cheney, then shouldn’t you be held responsible for the deaths of over four?thousand??Americans and maybe the, you know, innocent Iraqis they murdered? We kind of went to the wrong place, you know (meaning they were innocent and there were no weapons of mass destruction…).

If Benghazi is Hillary’s fault… then it’s your fault, Mister Cheney, for the lies that surrounded the invasion of Iraq. Not a very smart move there, to blame for a crisis, when you were also in office during the deaths of many Americans… riiight?

Maybe next time, Mister Cheney, we should think about what we say before saying it.

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