Mayor Throws Dog Feces On Neighbor’s Walkway (VIDEO)

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The mayor of San Marino, California, was?caught on camera throwing dog feces in his neighbor’s yard. The incident was caught on tape. The video shows Mayor Dennis Kneier tossing a bag of dog excrement onto Philip Lao’s walkway.

?I’m the kind of guy that’s always picking up trash and I reached down and picked it up and I am walking down the street . . . and in a moment of stupidity, I guess I was tired of carrying it, I disposed of it on his walkway. It was a mistake,?? the Mayor said.

Lao told CBS LA?he felt the incident was in retaliation due to his opposition to a local neighborhood dog park.

The mayor has issued a written apology, which has been printed in the local newspaper:

?To think that what I did, which again I say was a lapse of judgement, had anything to do with how I feel or may feel in the future and he feels about a dog park is just so far from the truth I can’t believe it,? the Mayor said.

The footage was turned over to police, but Mr. Lao has decided not to press charges. Here’s the video: Let us know your thoughts at the?Liberal America?Facebook page. Edited/Published by: JA

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