Hobby Lobby Misogynist Hypocrisy — Vasectomies Covered, IUDs “Against God”

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You’ve probably heard all about the Hobby Lobby case already, and the latest travesty to come out of our corrupt and useless Supreme Court. The blistering dissent by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg outlines some of the many reasons the 5-4 decision was ridiculous, but there is another, simpler reason — Hobby Lobby’s religious moral argument holds absolutely no water, even if you share their beliefs. Why? Because the basic premise, pushed by evangelicals, is that anything that stops conception is against God. That justification is used to provide coverage for penis pumps and Viagra — they help with sex that could potentially lead to procreation — but not birth control pills or IUDs, either because they falsely believe they cause abortion or correctly believe they interrupt conception. But what about vasectomies?


Covered, of course. Some conservatives have argued that because Obamacare doesn’t mandate male contraceptive options, such as vasectomies and condoms, the law is misandrist. However, that argument fails because of a couple of simple facts many conservatives are unaware of. First, “birth control” pills are not always prescribed for sexual activity. In fact, many girls start birth control years before becoming sexually active for hormonal health, help with debilitating menstruation symptoms, or regulating menstruation. Furthermore, pregnancy is not a men’s health issue. Until men start growing babies — or sticking around to raise the kids they create — the male vs. female contraceptive debate is heavily slanted to the female side. Approximately one in three children are raised by a single parent. That single parent is a female more than 80 percent of the time.

So, in essence, Hobby Lobby refused to cover mandated female birth control coverage, suing, and eventually winning, the right not to. However, they’re perfectly willing to cover male birth control coverage that was never mandated. Their argument says that blocking conception goes against their religious beliefs. Misogynist hypocrisy. And let’s not get started on their cozy relationship with made-in-China products. In the last 40 years, there have been 330 million abortions in China due to their family planning policies. Hobby Lobby actually refuses to disclose how many or which factories in China they are affiliated with, and Chinese factories are known for bad working conditions and exploitation as well. As the?Huffington Post?reported,

Products bearing “Made in China” labels are found all over the shelves at Hobby Lobby, evidence that some of its wares come from Chinese factories that have a reputation for labor rights violations and rock-bottom wages. Employees at these facilities often end up working grueling hours in?prison-like conditions?and never earn enough to escape poverty.

“You cannot call your business ‘Christian’ when arguing before the Supreme Court, and then set aside Christian values when you’re placing a bulk order for cheap wind chimes,” wrote Christian author and columnist Jonathan Merritt in?a recent article for The Week.


The Supreme Court really mangled this one.

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