How Burger King Recently Brought Out The Intolerance Of Facebook Christians (Video)


It seems Burger King is making some waves with its new burger, released earlier this week in San Francisco just in time for a Gay Pride Month festival, aptly called the Proud Whopper.

Complete with a rainbow-colored wrapping that bears the message ?We are all the same inside,? it seems this new burger is causing quite the controversy on Burger King’s Facebook page. Especially since the company changed its 40-year-old slogan, ?Have It Your Way? to ?Be Your Way? back in May.

While it has not quite yet reached the fervor that was produced by the 2012 Chik-fil-A controversy, this show of support for the LGBT community has already seen some customers swear off of Burger King.

Here are just a few screenshots and examples of how Burger King quickly brought out the intolerance of Facebook Christians. All of these come from the Burger King Facebook page.

Against BK 1 Best
Against BK 1
?Against BK 2
Against BK 5

Against BK Best

With close to 4,000 comments in just under two days(this does not include replies to comments)the conversation can be heated at times. So here are just a few of the best comebacks to various comments.

For BK 1 Best

?For BK 2
?For BK 3

Look, Burger King did this as a promotional deal. It is not the end of the world, and the Apocalypse is not upon us. Even if the Proud Whopper was available worldwide, the chances of the Earth coming to a halt is unlikely. Besides, would you want to be caught judging and condemning people if Jesus was to come back over this issue?

Also, for those talking of boycotts due to this show of support for the LGBT community, be careful what you wish for. There are many large corporations that support such causes and rights, Facebook included. The phrase ?Practice what you preach? comes to mind right about now.

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