House GOP Blocking Bill The Would Honor ‘Liberal’ Pope Francis

pope francis

A Connecticut representative submitted a bill that would have been used to honor Pope Francis for the good work he has done in his time as pontiff.

Now, however, many of the GOP are moving to block this bill to keep from honoring the Pope. Usually, such things are pooh-poohed at as, “Well, they are trying to block unwanted and unnecessary pork from being passed into law.”

This time, that is not the case.

Why Are They Blocking It, Then?

The House Republicans aren’t too happy about this bill and are moving to block it because they feel that the Pope is too liberal.

In fact, they are so unhappy about it, that only 19 of the 221 co-sponsors of the bill are Republican.

Yes. You read that correctly, folks. The House GOP feels that the Pope is too liberal to be honored for his good works. They have also compared him many times to President Obama- and we have seen how well they work with the President.

Now, what on Earth would give them the idea that he was too liberal?

Because the Pope talks about equality and because he has spoken of trickle down economics with disdain.

What exactly did he say about equality and about trickle down economics?

The Pope’s Message.

Denounces Trickle-Down Economics.

One of the things that raised eyebrows and painted a target on the Pope’s back was when he denounced trickle-down economics theories due to the vast income inequality that is growing across the world.

Pope Francis said that trickle-down economics are an idolatry of money and that it is a form of tyranny.


Calls For A More Incisive Female Presence In The Church.

Pope Francis spoke against the top-down way the Church is ran. He is advocating for more local governance and greater inclusion in the Church- including more of a female presence than is already there.

Urges Legitimate Redistribution Of Wealth.

This is the one that has gotten Pope Francis called a Communist and a socialist.

He has called for a redistribution of wealth to stop the growing income inequality that is spreading around the world in an economy of exclusion.

Of course, many capitalists in America put their beliefs aside and began attacking him as a Marxist, a Communist, and a socialist.

GOP Not Honoring WWJD.

But the question it comes down to, is this-

What would Jesus do?

I bring this up because I have had discussions with conservatives and libertarians who insist that the Pope is the anti-Christ based upon the message he brings.

Taking a stand against capitalism and the unfettered greed that it promotes along with the society of waste, calling for equality, and standing with the poor and those who have been hurt-

THAT makes him the anti Christ?

I wonder what they would do if Jesus were to come back today.

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