Christians Are Being Eradicated In Iraq. When Are Liberals Going To Care?

While things are going crazy the world over, with protests occurring because of police brutality here in the States, to protests in Europe over the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel, little is heard about some of the actions of ISIS concerning those Christians and Yazidis in Iraq who have been targeted by this terrorist group.

The Persecution Of Christians and Yazidis.

What is occurring in Iraq by the Islamic State’s actions has caused Christians to flee their homes and the Yazidis have gone to the mountains. President Obama authorized an air strike against ISIS to try and help the people there who have become refugees. They are being persecuted by this terrorist organization.

Pope Francis has even come forth to say that he supports force being used to help those Christians who are being persecuted by these extremists that claim Islam as their own.

But what is ISIS wanting that is causing these people to flee?

The ultimatum was given to Christians and other non Muslims in the areas that ISIS has invaded that they either had to convert to Islam, pay a levy, or die.

In these areas, the people are often too poor to pay high levies and many would rather lose everything than their faith. So, they are fleeing, hiding away from those who would seek to harm them and their families because of their faith.

The largest Christian town in this area was deserted by those fearing for their lives and their families as ISIS advanced upon them.

One Christian has lost their mentally challenged son while they fled ISIS. Many of the Christians live in shanty towns, while the Yazidis live in the mountains, where they fled to escape ISIS.


Those Involved.

We know about Christianity and Islam, but who is this other group that is mentioned? The Yazidis?

The Yazidis are a group of people whose religious beliefs mix the religion that was in their area long before Christianity or Islam appeared with Islam, mainly Sufism. Ethnically, they are Kurdish.

However, as were the Christians, they were given the ultimatum to pay a levy, convert to Islam, or die. Like the Christians, they chose to flee to the mountain that is now known as Death Mountain. Many children were killed and many women killed themselves rather than convert to Islam or be raped.

These people had no food or water, and suffered extreme heat during the day and sub zero temperatures at night. There was no shelter. The US and other countries has since provided food aid and water aid, but no rescue attempts have been done, other than the siege that President Obama ordered to help protect them.

Eighty thousand people managed to reach Dohuk as refugees from ISIS.

But there are still people on the mountain according to those refugees in Dohuk.

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