Fox Radio Host: Obama ‘Orchestrating’ Michael Brown Incident In Ferguson

(Image Credit: Media Matters)
(Image Credit: Media Matters)

Todd Starnes already has a long record of silly and sometimes racist comments, which he doesn’t limit to come from his Fox News & Commentary radio show, either. In an Aug. 18 posting on his Facebook page, for example, the staunch conservative accused the president of creating the havoc that continues to affect a St. Louis suburb.

?The uncivil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri continues — and it appears the Obama Administration may be orchestrating the Michael Brown tragedy.?

Further in the same posting, Starnes criticizes Eric Holder for suggesting police cease using military vehicles for crowd control, and claims the U.S. Attorney General is seeking advice from Rev. Al Sharpton.

(Image Credit: snipped from Facebook)
(Image Credit: snipped from Facebook)

His comment generated many like-minded replies from Starnes? fans, too, some of whose comments appear racially tinged.

?It is disgusting. Jesus needs to come back soon.?

?These people will stop at nothing to tear our country apart. [?] Does anyone even remember Benghazi any more (sic)??

?The leadership here is inept, racist & purposely divisive.?

?It’s a shame that we have so many race baiters in these positions. These people don’t give a crap about blacks killing blacks in Chicago or Detroit.?

The next day Starnes appeared on another’s ultraconservative radio show, calling MSNBC reporters ?moron? for covering the Ferguson incident in what he claims to be an anti-police theme.

Such comments are par for the course when it comes to Starnes, though. Last year, he criticized Indian-American Nina Davuluri’s Miss America pageant win, referring to her as ?Miss Politically Correct America.? Responding to criticism for the comment, Starnes denied any intentions of discrimination; he has, however, openly admitted that he tries ?to spice it up a little? in comments he issues through various media.

Starnes also appears from time to time on the network’s ?Fox and Friends? and ?Hannity? television shows.

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