Send ‘Em Back To Die

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

This is heartbreaking for me to even write. In the last few months, we have heard cries for amnesty for those refugees that have come to the States for protection and to save their own lives.

Some have called for the deportation of these refugees, mostly children, because they are “invading” our borders and terrorists could be crossing with them (thanks, Rick Perry! You show your ignorance overwhelmingly with that statement!).

The Deported Children – Going Back To Die

So, some of the children, appeasing those calling for it, were deported back to where they came from. However, at least 42 children have been murdered in Honduras since February, says Hector Hernandez, director of the San Pedro morgue.?He continued that at least ten of those children that were murdered had recently been deported from the US, where they had fled for their own safety.?One teenager was shot and killed just hours after being returned to Honduras. Mr. Hernadez went further to say that the children weren’t even in the country for three days before being shot.?He said they only return to die. And those not murdered? They run a very high risk of becoming slaves in the sex trafficking rings that thrive in Central America.

What To Do, What To Do?

As the debate rages on about what to do with these children, The Los Angeles Times reports that those children that are being deported back to their country in the last month are being killed. And while those who would use fear of terrorists to keep the children and others out of this country without any amnesty, more are set to die or are set to be sold into prostitution. Out of the almost 63,000 children who sought refuge here in the US, most came from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.?They were unaccompanied because many of them had watched the murder of their families, and they feared for their lives.?They are fleeing gang violence, sex trafficking, drug wars, poverty, and political instability. This has made those countries some of the most dangerous in the world.

However, there are those coming forth to offer sanctuary to these children. Churches, states, cities, and communities have come together to offer them sanctuary.?Many others are gathering supplies- like Operation Matthew 25 out of Texas for instance.?And still others and some of the same ones are counter protesting those protesters who would scare these children and the families that run from the violence. But more needs to be done. Amnesty is needed. Refugee status is required for these people because lives are at stake. ? Let us know your thoughts at the Liberal America Facebook page. Sign up for our free daily newsletter to receive more great stories like this one. edited by hl