RI Candidate Lights Up A Joint In Ad: ‘We’ve Been Lied To’ By Govt. About Pot

A Rhode Island gubernatorial write-in candidate has announced her support for medical marijuana — and in a very public way.

In a new campaign video, Compassion Party candidate Anne Armstrong says:

“I use every day. I cook it into food, and I use it as medicine to help me with a physical condition, I use it as a dietary supplement.?Yes, I do smoke cannabis, and yes, I do inhale. It helps me. It helps me to focus, it helps to facilitate communication. It doesn’t make people crazy the way you’ve been told. “

rhode island candidate smoking pot video ad
Screengrab via YouTube

Armstrong claims that if elected governor, she will sit in her office and smoke pot.

?I’m gonna sit and use cannabis as I govern from my office,? she said. ?And I am gonna have my cannabis in the rotunda of the statehouse and it is gonna be a people’s cannabis garden.?

Rhode Island state law allows for medical marijuana usage in treatment of illnesses such as cancer, Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS, glaucoma, and some other “chronic or debilitating diseases.”

rhode island candidate smoking pot video ad
Screengrab via YouTube

Armstrong vows to make marijuana growing and usage completely legal if she’s elected.

?I hope that you will read and open your eyes and realize the truth: that?we’ve?been lied to a long time by our government,? she says in the video. ?And something that’s been essential to our health has been?taken away from us, and that’s why people get sick from cancer. That’s why they get sick with a lot of chronic degenerative diseases ? because?they’ve?been deprived of cannabinoids. Our bodies need?them.?

You can read more about the Compassion Party on its website.

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