Alex Jones Breaks Huge Story: Glenn Beck ‘Actually Works For Obama’

You know, I guess we’ve had a lot going on.?While we were following the bigger stories, we’ve been ignoring the numb-nuts on the right who fight amongst themselves. As it turns out, Alex Jones did a BREAKING! (his words, not mine) story claiming that Glenn Beck works for Pres. Barack Obama.

How did we miss this deliciousness, Liberal Americans?

From the video description:

David Knight joins Alex to discuss the accusation Glenn Beck recently made claiming that Alex is dangerous. Beck claims Alex knowingly edited Cliven Bundy’s statements and wants a violent revolution to occur. Any occasional listener to the show can testify to, Alex is neither about a violent revolution nor was he covering up Bundy’s remarks.

After all the attacks that Beck launches towards Alex and its becoming very obvious that Beck isn’t taking the queues from the SPLC or other groups like that, He’s writing the talking points. Evidence thus far is suggesting that Glenn Beck IS a white house [sic] operative!

Jones and his minion David Knight?called Beck?an?”enemy operative,” a sociopath, and a Benedict Arnold. Jones?also claims that Beck is in cahoots with the “White-House-run Media Matters” and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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At 7:38 in the video, he says:

“He actually works for Obama. I’m sorry to have to say that.”

So why is Alex Jones so mad at Glenn Beck? They’ve had this ongoing feud for years, but Alex is afraid that Beck is gong to influence someone into believing that he’s an extremist. A racist. Violent. Crazy. What?!? The very idea! He said:

“I do not want to hear that I want a violent revolution so that when the feds blow up another Oklahoma City, I get the blame.”

At one point in the video, he said:

“It all just clicked.?He?probably actually meets with Obama.”

It’s so?awesome that this epiphany was caught on camera…that moment when it all just “clicked.”

Alex lets us know who the good guys are, though: World Net Daily, Drudge, and Infowars (his site). He also likes Sean Hannity, though he acknowledges that Hannity’s not perfect. I disagree! He fits in perfectly with that crowd.

Watch for hilarity at 12:48. David Knight throws out a quote:

“First they assassinate your character, then they assassinate you.”

He said that he wasn’t sure who said it, but thought it might be Jesse Ventura. Alex corrected him and said “Gandhi…it was Gandhi.”

Well heck, who wouldn’t confuse Jesse Ventura and Gandhi? I mean, come on. They’re practically identical. You can barely tell them apart. But besides all that, Gandhi didn’t say that, you morons.

That awkward moment when I find myself standing up for Glenn Beck and finding myself on his side. D-mn you, Alex Jones, for putting me in this position!

But yes.?I believe that Alex Jones is nuts, and I believe he’s dangerous. Absolutely. D’uh.

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