Black Woman Photoshopped Into Group Photo With GOP Governor

How awesome is it that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) included a black woman in photos on his website? This proves that he knows black people! Right? Well, maybe….but he doesn’t know that particular black woman. She was photoshopped in. From a stock photo.

You can see her below smiling in the background of a group photo that appears in the footer of every page on Gov. Corbett’s campaign website.

Everyone else in the graphic was photoshopped in, too.

On Thursday, the Corbett campaign told BuzzFeed “The whole website footer graphic is a work of Photoshop.”

The campaign also told BuzzFeed that “the graphic has both stock photos and actual photos in it..”

OK. Great. But note that the black lady is the only “guest” who’s facing the camera in the photo. Can’t you just hear it? “Be sure and get the black woman facing forward.”

Corbett is fighting a tough campaign for re-election against Democrat Tom Wolf and they took this opportunity to point out how non-racist Corbett is compared to his opponent.

Governor Corbett has a strong record of inclusion, while our opponent, Tom Wolf, was even criticized by members of his own party for his ties serving as the campaign chairman to an admitted racist arrested for murder and for handing out ammunition at a race riot.

The saddest thing about this isn’t that they photoshopped a black lady into a photo. The saddest thing is that apparently no photos exist of Gov. Tom Corbett with black people. These Republicans continue to embarrass themselves with this nonsense. Go do a photo op like normal crooked politicians!

The image that shows up in the footer of every page of Gov. Corbett’s site.


Closeup shot.


Shutterstock page for the stock photo titled “financial Adviser Talking To Senior Couple At Home.”


And side by side. The color of her shirt was slightly altered, probably so that it wouldn’t blend in too much with Gov. Corbett’s shirt.



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