Ron Paul: GOP Senate Control Means ‘Expanded Neocon Wars’

Sen. Rand Paul took to the podium to celebrate the Republican wins on election night, but his daddy is less than delighted.?Former?Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) tweeted a dire warning about what Republican control of the U.S. Senate will mean.

He was quickly ridiculed by conservatives on Twitter (#tcot), but of course he’s not wrong. The war-hungry Republicans will take us deeper into war with more young Americans on the ground.

The evidence of this? From Mediaite:

Over at The Week, Brendan M. Dougherty had a great piece on how those candidates represent the lamentable resurgence of the Bush-era GOP. All three ran significantly hawkish campaigns: Ernst thumped her opponent for wanting to defund the Iraq War, and campaigned with hawk-in-chief Lindsey Graham; Gardner has spoken a great deal about military funding; and Cotton is a military vet who hasn’t been shy about bashing the libertarian wing of his own party.

It will be interesting to watch the next couple of years as Rand Paul begins his presidential bid. I think his dad is going to continue to be a thorn in his side since he makes no effort to STFU now. If we need a reason to like Ron Paul, maybe he’s given us one.

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