KKK Guy Who Harassed Me Gave An Interview. The Ignorance Is Far Worse Than We Thought.

I went on the?Alan Colmes radio show this week to discuss my recent experience with being harassed and threatened by the KKK. You can hear my interview here. Wednesday evening, Chuck Harless — the man who was harassing me — appeared as a guest on the show to tell his side.

Chuck Harless comes with a fancy-schmancy title: Imperial Wizard of the American White Knights. What is it with these grown men and these?titles??It’s ridiculous to the point of being embarrassing.

Chuck explained why his personal Klan is different — and better — than so many other Klans in the U.S. Apparently, some years ago, there was a case in which?some alleged Klan members assaulted somebody and the Southern Poverty Law Center?sued the Ku Klux Klan.?At that time, Klansmen who had the required degrees (what degree is required to be an Imperial Wizard?) became leaders in their own Klans.

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Klan “protects those who could not protect themselves.” So this is why he called me, a single mom who did nothing more than report a news story, and made covert threats? I’m really tired of hearing that they are “a Christian organization that doesn’t promote hate or violence.” These words are meaningless and I now have personal experience with that.

Chuck Harless?admitted that he called me twice, but denies that he made the first call, which was the threatening call. Hear it below:

Alan asked why Chuck called me. He said it’s because I?”outed a bunch of Klansmen.” I didn’t “out” these men and women who are in the KKK. Anonymous outed them. I reported?the cyberwar between the Klan and Anonymous and shared tweets that were relevant to my article. But that doesn’t even matter. The fact remains that this man called to harass me, which is something that his group claims they do not do.

Our friends at Alan.com reported on his call, so I’ll share what Anomaly100 wrote:

Confused? Well it is the Klan, after all. I don’t speak KKK either. Bonus: Chuck explains that Frank Ancona is a really awesome guy. Alan played the call for Chuck, who said the voice isn’t him, although the voice sounds exactly like his.

Later, Chuck says that technology may have played a part in making the voice sound like his. Chuck says the call did not sound threatening. Alan played the tape in which the voice can be heard saying, ?This message is for Tiffany.The Klan is watching you.? ?We don’t like what we’re seeing.? The voice on the phone declares, ?You need to stop this immediately.? A totally normal phone call. Don’t we all get ?The Klan is watching you? phone calls?

Then Chuck says that Tiffany gave her phone number out for people to call. For the record, Tiffany did not hand out her phone number all willy nilly for the Klan to call her.

Chuck then asserts that Tiff is an Anon. Again, that’s false. Tiffany is not part of Anonymous. She ? wait for it ? reported on what happened. It’s a thing writers do, know what I’m saying here?

Nice guy Chuck goes on to thank Tiffany for uploading the phone call to YouTube, saying that she’s helped recruit Klan members, and we totally believe him. He attributes 160 new members because of my friend Tiffany. I thought everything was Obama’s fault and now it’s Tiffany?s.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview below. Be prepared to be mind-blown. However ignorant you ever thought these folks were before, let me reassure you that it’s far worse than we imagined. I always imagined that there was some dark, devious intelligence behind this organization. Nope. Not from what I can see from Chuck’s interview.?I believe he is lying throughout most of his interview (and it’s shockingly transparent) and Alan Colmes did an excellent job of completely backing him?into a corner. This guy had all day to prepare for these questions and that’s the best he can do? Anyhow, listen below.

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