This Guy Wooed Me With Politics On A Dating Site. He’s What’s Wrong With America.

I’ve been single for a long time and sometimes I date, sometimes I don’t, but I do keep a dating site profile. I’m an advocate for online dating sites. Though I’ve met my share of kooks, I’ve also met a lot of really nice people. There are good people out there — this guy who messaged me last night, for example.


He seems like a good guy. The kind of guy that most women would be delighted to date. He’s attractive and appears to have gainful employment. And a car. And maybe his own place. You’d be surprised how many people in online dating don’t have even the basics. Anyhow, he was attempting to make conversation, and it could have gone well, but he revealed himself to be something that I dislike — a person who thinks only of himself. He confessed that he has some liberal values, but he cares?”more about where my tax dollars go than gay rights and legalizing pot.”

Hey, he voted for Clinton, though! That should win him points….right?

Wrong. This guy probably isn’t wealthy, so his tax dollar contribution isn’t that of, say, Warren Buffet, yet he has this big concern about where his negligible contribution goes? Where does he want it to go, if not to helping America grow? War? Corporate welfare? The Koch brothers? I don’t know, and guess what? It doesn’t matter. I don’t care.

One of my friends said this:

“You should ask him when the last time a republican lowered his taxes. Unless he’s a lot richer than he looks, it never happened. But they did start 2 wars and stuck it on a credit card. If he had been paying attention for the last 30 years he would know that republicans are anything but fiscally responsible.”

Another said this, and I agree with every point, including the one that this guy is a good guy.

Propaganda is a powerful tool. Republicans use it well which is why people still believe there were WMDs in Iraq and illegals get welfare benefits. Unfortunately most people don’t have the patience or desire to research every word they hear on the “news” and, in a misguided effort to be “fair” reporters don’t contradict even blatantly false statements.

This guy probably isn’t a bad guy, he just doesn’t have your passion for truth. Hold out for someone more compatible, you deserve it.

He is the epitome of what’s wrong with America today. Petty selfishness and more concern for one’s pocketbook than for the well-being of America’s poor and disadvantaged.

And hey, fella? Yes, it’s a deal breaker. I don’t do dating with people who are foolish enough to vote against their own interests. Don’t like me posting this? Oh well. I redacted your name and photo. This is your genuine opinion. Be proud.

And NOW how laid-back do liberals seem? How do you like this “laid-back” drug-free liberal? How hot am I now?

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