Powerful Art Project Uses Last Words Of Eric Garner And Mike Brown

Iranian- American Shirin Barghi, has been using her Twitter stream @shebe86 for?artistic expression. What she has given to the world is a very powerful statement. The project gives voice to victims of police violence. Victims who are shown to us repeatedly as lifeless bodies when not being portrayed continuously as criminals by police and only occasionally?represented through family photos. She revealed this work in August yet it seems all the more timely as Eric Garner’s last words have become an organizing cry. Now let them speak to you through their last words .


When?Ms. Barghi started this project she tweeted why she did so how she as an Iranian American empathized with black pain yet wanted to be sure not to appropriate or profit from the pain of black people. These too are powerful statements.

Ms. Barghi’s work has been used at exhibited at demonstrations and tributes across the nation. She has also created a collection with the last words victims, like Amadou Diallo unarmed black man shot 41 times, heard before they died.

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Laurie Bertram Roberts is the president of Mississippi National Organization for Women, a feminist activist, full spectrum doula and writer in Jackson, MS. Her family suspected she was trouble when at age 8 she preferred reading weekly news magazines over girly magazines. Her early fascination with liberal ideals, women's rights, was not quite welcome in her conservative fundamentalist Christian home. She is incredibly passionate about reproductive justice and fighting all forms of oppression. When not speaking truth to power she is likely hanging out with her children watching sci fi or doing other nerd like things.