Social Media Explodes With Examples Of Being #AliveWhileBlack

The recent high-profile cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have given white people an open window to see into the already known reality of black people all over the world. Racism, racial profiling, and police brutality have been well known by blacks?as just a part of life and something to deal with. Black people?everywhere have?taken to social media to have a voice, and the hashtag #AliveWhileBlack is full of examples of horrible things black men and women have to deal with everyday.?These are just a few examples of the hundreds of horrible things blacks still have to deal with today.

After seeing all of this, it’s hard to believe and realize what kind of country we still live in. This shows a whole new side of the world we haven’t had access to, and even if we’ve had, we’ve ignored it to the point that it’s now bursting in all of our faces. These people need the help of the public, and social media has served them well. Protests have been sprouting and blooming all over the country in support of black people, black lives, and just pure justice. Recent news has been chuck full of police brutality, racism, and just awful things that need to be addressed and changed. This leaves us with two huge questions: Why is this still happening, and why are we letting it?

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Kellyn Smith is red-headed (but blue supporting) 17 year old high school student from Marietta, GA. She likes activism, poetry, and music. She's an outspoken Atheist and feminist. She wants to study political science at the University of Oregon or the University of Washington.