Football Matters: Big Ben Trade Likely

Right wingers are furious about President Obama leading America into a new socialist era, and the left is upset about issues such as the growing income gap, police misconduct, and ending Citizens United, but why should all that matter when a?Big Ben?trade may be in the works?

Maybe all of our children can grow up to be in the NFL , just like Big Ben. (Image courtesy of

AP Priorities Poll

With all the protests and rhetoric, it seems safe to say that Americans put a high priority on being informed about news and public issues. However, a recently released AP-GfK Poll reveals that just 37 percent of Americans think keeping up with news and public issues is very important. That’s a big drop from the 56 percent who felt ?it was important in a 1984 poll.?The lack of real interest in public issues is reflected in the current top five Google Trends: 1) Seattle Seahawks 2) Twitter 3) Jim Harbaugh 4) Aaron Rodgers 5) Ben Roethlisberger.

The new AP?poll?also?highlights how millennials are more hip on volunteering than previous generations. This could turn out to be a positive for America, but perhaps the NFL just has some work to do on those millenials. After all, I recall when many of their Generation X parents wouldn’t have cared about a Big Ben trade.

Why Bother When Big Ben Trade Is Likely?

Why do?we lack interest in keeping up with the issues that we say are important to us, and forgo them for crucial matters like the Big Ben trade possibilities? Perhaps we are overworked and must resort to quick and easy entertainment rather than contributing to society in ways that matter. Maybe the realities of truly dealing with our societal problems are simply too much for many Americans to deal with; a simple soundbite or meme is much less daunting. It’s likely that the roots of??our reliance?on mind-numbing gimmicks?run deeper than simplicity and convenience.

Are Americans being culturally devoured by mass media and corporations to the point where it’s no longer socially acceptable to take meaningful action that betters lives? Our politicians and corporate leaders demonstrate again and again that money motivates action, and we follow them.

Maybe?Americans are just?doing so well these days that we don’t have to pay attention. After all, under President Obama, unemployment is down, stock prices are up, and much of America is currently only paying about $2 for a gallon of gasoline! If that’s the case, I don’t believe we got here by neglecting what’s important. We got here by believing in a spirit of change that facilitated our president’s shocking electoral victory back in 2008. Remember “Yes we can?”

Thanks for reading. Now?I?have to catch up on this whole Big Ben trade?from the Pittsburgh Steelers ordeal and find Chelsea Handler’s latest topless photo.?

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