Police Torture Woman For Breastfeeding In Public Using Medieval Christian Device

Police misconduct is running rampant among ISIS soldiers. In particular, there are a group of religious-crazed and controlled women, known as the Al-Khansi brigade, who force the ISIS brand of Islamic extremism onto their unenlightened peers. One of the groups latest atrocities is the torturing of a woman for breastfeeding in public.?The generous Al-Khansi police gave the woman a choice between torture devices: a whip or a biter. Having no knowledge of a biter, the woman chose this device because she though it was a “reduced sentence.” She likely chose wrong.

Very young and beautiful girl having her dinner
If this breastfeeding in public picture offends you that much, maybe you join the Al-Khansi police force. photo from: http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/870547

About the Biter

The biter is much like a medieval torture device called the spider or the breast ripper. Back in those days, Christians used the device to tear, mangle, and even rip off the breasts of women accused of acts such as adultery, abortions, witchcraft, and general blasphemy. Perhaps ironically, back in 2012, Islam Online listed the breast ripper as one of its ?Top 10 Worst Medieval Christian Torture Devices.?

About Al-Khansi

The now infamous ISIS police leader, Umm Hanza, was described by a former Al-Khansi member and schoolteacher like this: ?She’s huge, she has an AK, a pistol, a whip, a dagger and she wears the niqab.??According?to The Mirror,?one man stated he spent three nights in Raqqa’s Al-Khansi headquarters where he heard the screams of tortured men and women.

Intolerance and breastfeeding in public

Of course, those claiming to be Islam devotees don’t have the torture market covered. The breast ripper serves as a painful reminder of that fact. Furthermore, Islamic extremists aren’t the only modern-day torturers. After all, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush are both self-proclaimed Christians.

Intolerance often leads to fanaticism, and Americans are better off if we collectively keep this in mind. My take is that if we can’t handle breastfeeding in public, but we invite individuals to openly carry firearms in public, we have problems.?

Simply put, breastfeeding in public ?is one of those mind your own damn business issues. You see, being a progressive, I understand the value of preserving individual rights, especially when those rights don’t interfere with the rights of others.

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