Christian School Turns Down Students Because Parents Are Gay

A self-described non-denominational Nashville private school recently turned down prospective students because their parents are gay, drawing criticism from alumni and gay advocates.

Via Facebook

Brian Copeland, a real estate broker, and Davidson Academy had agreed on a time for him to visit and tour the Madison-area school this month for his adopted children ? a son who is entering pre-kindergarten and a daughter who is 8 months old. But a top school official in a Jan. 14 letter informed him that the school decided to cancel the appointment after learning the children are raised in a two-father family.

In a letter and a public Facebook post, Mr. Copeland exposes the school and what he perceives to be the use of an established religion as a weapon to discriminate.

?I share this to let my friends know that discrimination affects people you know and love and still hurts no matter how many times you go through it. We chose this school because of its rigorous faith-based K-12 academics and extracurricular activities; and, a friend with a son there asked them if a family like ours would be allowed and was told yes. After a phone conversation, fully disclosing we are a two-dad family; an appointment was set for us. I receive this letter canceling our appointment without even getting a chance.

Sadly enough, an acquaintance called the school this morning and told them she had been through a divorce because she cheated and that she now lives with her three kids and her boyfriend. The administrator welcomed them with open arms and offered an appointment.

I chose to not share the name because the kids who go there deserve respect and to learn in peace. It’s not about me getting my way. My children will not go there under this person’s administration. It’s about telling the story that there are real faces and feelings that open letters like this. We want the best for our kids, and THEY deserve to be given a chance. I love you all. The love you show my family every day here makes life even richer.?

Mr. Copeland is married to Rev. Bullard of the Covenant of the Cross Church and although the couple is determined to raise their children based on the Christian faith, they are now finding it very hard to find a Christian school who is as accepting and embracing of Jesus? teachings, particularly the pesky ones that reads:

“Love one another” – John 13:34, 35

“Judge not” – Matthew 1:1?

As so many other Christian institutions, Davidson Academy seems to choose which parts of the Christian faith are more convenient to remember and the ones they consider are too much of a bother to honor.

Davidson Academy’s?Mission page?states:

??We believe Christians should live their lives in community, as members of a body of believers, and in subjection to the will of God, holding one another accountable for their decisions and choices and offering encouragement and prayer support in all things.?

By discriminating against Mr. Copeland’s family, Davidson Academy is not only refusing to follow Jesus? teachings, it’s also breaking its own rules.

In the Parent’s Handbook?mentioned by the refusal letter sent to Mr. Copeland, you can find Davidson Academy’s biggest line of deceit:

?Davidson Academy accepts qualified students without regard to race, creed, color, or national or ethnic origin.?

Considering the psychological wellbeing of Mr. Copeland’s children, Davidson Academy’s rejection letter is to be considered a blessing in disguise.