Nutjob Pastor Manning Suggests Justin Bieber Is Transgender

This week has brought on a flood of breaking stories. There’s been the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina, Left Shark, and the resurfacing of the vaccination debate. However, did you know that Starbucks covers their lattes with sodomite semen?

By Joe Bielawa  Uploaded by MyCanon (Justin Bieber) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Photo By Joe Bielawa via Wikimedia Commons

That’s right, folks. Not only does Starbucks add a special ingredient to their drinks, but gays will also become cannibals within the next year. No need to worry, though, because Islamists are completely justified to kill them all.

If any of this is news to you, I’ll give some background.

Dr. James David Manning is chief pastor?at the ATLAH World Missionary Church?in New York City.?Manning also hosts an online series called The Manning Report, where he berates anything from the negative influence of black celebrities to homosexuals and “lesbos.”

In one of his latest posts?entitled “Don’t Let Your Son Cut Off His Penis,” he begs good Christian mothers and fathers to “not let [their] son cut off their penis…or breasts.” He says that young girls can be “influenced to cut off their breasts” before they’re actually old enough to know what they want -?just like Justin Bieber did.


Manning goes on to say “…like Justin Bieber, they can think that the best choice for their life is to cut off their breasts,” and describes how the church and media persuade children that they can “choose whatever sexual orientation that they wanted to choose.” He then assures us that he will chase every gay, lesbian, or anyone of the like with “the power of God and the chariots of fire” away because they’re telling all of our children to be gay.

I guess that the obvious is clear: Dr. Manning has no concept of human psychology much less any understanding of what a transgender operation and transition involves. He judges without cause and uses God’s name to justify it, which is wrong on both a Biblical and sensical level. He also isn’t very good at preaching that good ole’ Christian lovin’ and acceptance his promised God-sent “chariots of fire,” – which I do admit sound pretty terrifying… kind of.

But hey, anything for a good laugh, right?

Check out his video below!


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