Fifty Shades Is Making Old Folks Freaky In Bed, Resulting In Spike In ‘Toy’ Related Injuries

During the last eight years, hospital visits involving “bedroom”?toy injuries have risen. The increase coordinates with the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy in 2011 and 2012.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission collects data on emergency room (ER) visits and the reasons for the visits. There is a focus on injuries caused by consumer products. The products include vibrators and massage devices. These can include everything from toys, massage chairs, and back-scratchers.

The Washington Post only focused on hospital visits involving sex-toys. They ignored the 20 percent of injuries caused by ?massage/vibrator items.?

What is involved when the playtime requires a hospital visit??Since 2005:

  • 83 percent of toy injuries have also needed ?foreign body removals?
  • 58 percent of toy removals are males with the average age of 44
  • Females with an average age of 30 for toy removals
  • Oldest woman admitted for injury involving a toy 67
  • Oldest male admitted for injury involving a toy 85

It seems people across different age gaps are having fun in the bedroom. I’m sure as the movie releases, that there are bound to be some more people experimenting.

We are all for exploring and using toys if they excite you in the bedroom. However, some education about using the toys properly does seem to be needed. Some toys are clear how to use them but others are not so obvious. If you are already in a store that sells the items, it is okay to ask about them.

If you are going to start including them in playtime, please take the time to learn about them. You just might avoid some embarrassing ER trips this way

Sarah Hatter is a proud liberal writer for Liberal America. She is married with three kids. Women's issues have always mattered a great deal to her. Raising children herself, these issues have become even more important. She greatly cares about women around the globe, and the issues they are facing.You can follow her writings on facebook on the My Liberal Corner page.