The Top 19 Feminist Movies Of All Time

In a world that sends mixed messages for women, it is nice to remind ourselves when Hollywood has gotten it right. Women have strength, vulnerability, toughness, gentleness, love, and anger among other character traits. Not every film will show women in a good light. However, women can stand equal to men in films and in the world. These films are shining examples of that.

1. Cleopatra (1963)

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Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra is a classic about the ancient Queen of Egypt and how she influenced ancient Rome while ruling her own country.

2. Nine to Five (1980)

9 to 5
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Three office workers finally have had enough of their male boss and decide to put an end to how he treats them and all women. Nine to Five is a great movie with lots of laughs but also makes great points that are even valid in today’s society.

3. The Color Purple (1985)


color purple
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Set in the rural south, this movie gives an in depth and emotional portrayal of life for African Americans, especially African American women, during this time. It is often hard to watch at times and generates emotional response.

4. Thelma and Louise (1991)

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Starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, Thelma and Louise starts out as a fun road trip that turns into a nightmare. Despite a release date of over 20 years, it still remains very relevant to women today when it comes to the treatment of female rape victims by law enforcement.

5. Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

green tomatoes
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Despite having a husband, Evelyn Couch is lonely and unhappy. She befriends an elderly Ninny Threadgoode who reveals her story over the course of several visits. The stories Ninny tells Evelyn are more than entertaining and bring about positive change and helps her find the strength she needs.

6. A League of Their Own (1992)

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Set during World War II, women are asked to do the patriotic thing and play baseball for the country while the men are away at war. The movie shows that women, just as men, can get dirty, slide into home, and play ball.

7. Joy Luck Club (1993)

joy luck club
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A mahjong club of four Chinese women meet and share their stories over years. Having emigrated to America, their children are born in America. The film explores the bonds and difficulties the mothers and daughters face together.

8. Little Women (1994)

little women
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This movie features a family of daughters and a mother. As an only child, I loved this movie. I would imagine being in a big family and having sisters. The sisters have their problems as all families do, but through it all, love for one another remains strong. Women can overcome a lot with support of one another in life.

9. First Wives Club (1996)

wives club
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Three divorced friends seek revenge on the men who left them for younger women. I like how no matter your age, you can still be a feisty woman. The men may have left them, but the women shall have the last laugh.While most of us would not seek revenge, we have certainly thought about it.

10. G.I. Jane (1997)

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Set up to fail, she is sent to train with other soldiers. Despite the difficulties she faces, she struggles and survives everything. It shows that women can be just as tough and strong as men. Women are not a weaker sex.

11. Erin Brockovich (2000)

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A single mother becomes a legal assistant to an attorney. She uncovers the power company is polluting the water and residents are having health problems because of it. This movie shows how one person, with enough determination, really can make a difference.

12. Amelie (2001)

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An innocent, naive girl in Paris, she has her own understanding of justice. While helping others, she discovers love of her own.

13. Frida (2002)

Frida 1
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Frida is a movie that shows how strong one woman can be even when in physical and emotional pain. Kahlo’s resilience is shown by the way she uses her pain and problems in marriage to fuel her creativity and art, which would influence the Hispanic culture greatly.

14. Moolaade (2004)

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A woman gives shelter to girls who do not wish to have the female genital mutilation done to them. By doing this, she starts a conflict which could tear the village apart. While I have not seen this, FGM is a horrible procedure done to young girls which needs to be ended.

15. The Queen (2006)

the queen
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The Queen stars the great Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II. When Princess Diana is killed in a car crash, the Queen shows very little emotion as was once expected; however, she faces backlash and must show a more sensitive side in changing times to a nation that lost their beloved Princess.

16. Brave (2012)

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A Scottish princess wants to find her own path in life. She defies the clan custom which leads to trouble. She must use her clan knowledge and archery skills to set things right. Will her family respect her wishes when everything is done. I love how she isn’t the normal princess in the movie. Merida isn’t afraid to be like one of the boys and has her own mind. A great role model for girls.

17. Frozen (2013)

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Elsa accidentally turns everything to winter. To fix things, she needs the help of her sister and lovable characters to help undo the infinite winter. I love how in the movie, it raises the point of you can’t just marry someone you just met. Unlike most princess movies, real people do not get married right away to someone they have just met.

18. Hunger Games Trilogy (2013)

hunger games
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Katniss replaces her sister in The Hunger Games, a brutal battle to the death ordered by the government every year. During her experience, she defies the rules along with the other competitor of her district. Katniss shows how even the smallest or poorest person, can make a difference in the world and start a revolution. The trilogy follows Katniss and the revolution which she helped trigger.

19. Divergent Series (2014)

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Tris discovers she is divergent and has to choose a faction to join. She must hide the fact she is divergent from everyone else except Four. Realizing there are other dangers amid the factions, they must risk everything to save themselves and others. Sometimes you have to question the government and the actions they are doing. Just sometimes the things being done are wrong and need to be stopped.


Sarah Hatter is a proud liberal writer for Liberal America. She is married with three kids. Women's issues have always mattered a great deal to her. Raising children herself, these issues have become even more important. She greatly cares about women around the globe, and the issues they are facing.You can follow her writings on facebook on the My Liberal Corner page.