Swimsuit Edition Illustrates New Portrayal of Beauty

The 2015 Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated (SI) was released on February 9. For the first time in the magazine’s history, they have an ad which features a plus-size model. The model, Ashley Graham, is wearing a black-string bikini and she looks beautiful. Robyn Lawley was technically the first plus-sized model at a size 12, but Graham is the first with a fuller looking figure in the magazine.

Photo courtesy of SwimsuitsForAll

The ad is part of a campaign for a bathing suit company called?SwimsuitsForAll. SwimsuitsForAll recreated the cover of last years SI Swimsuit Issue using full-bodied and curvier ladies in their photographs. They wanted to challenge the nearly impossible beauty standards of today’s society. They have also started a viral movement called #CurvesinBikinis to encourage larger women to feel gorgeous in their bodies, along with wearing a swimsuit.

While SI is famous for mostly selecting thin models to use in their swimsuit edition, all body sizes should be represented to show the diversity of shapes and sizes in the world. Graham released this statement?on the subject:

??I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too. There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt. The world is ready for more curves in bikinis.?

With that in mind, Graham has started her own lingerie collection for plus-sized women. The motto of the collection states:

??I am strong. I am beautiful. I am more than a number. I am size sexy. ?Lingerie designed to make plus-sized models look and feel exquisite while wearing them.”

Graham is also promoting how society feels about health and body image as well. As time.com reports,?Graham writes in the online magazine, The Edit, :

?I think that you can be healthy at any size and my goal is to help and educate women on that. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22 as long as you’re taking care of your body, working out, and telling yourself, ?I love you? instead of taking in the negativity of beauty standards.?

Most women do not enjoy shopping for swimsuits. They often feel the swimsuits are not made for real women’s bodies. It is refreshing to know that there is a company which designs swimsuits for larger women. Also, that one of the biggest sports magazines is starting to help change how so-called plus-sized women are seen in swimsuits and around the world. All women should be able to wear swimsuits which flatter their body, and feel attractive in doing so.

Sarah Hatter is a proud liberal writer for Liberal America. She is married with three kids. Women's issues have always mattered a great deal to her. Raising children herself, these issues have become even more important. She greatly cares about women around the globe, and the issues they are facing.You can follow her writings on facebook on the My Liberal Corner page.