Steve Harvey Describes Being Shamed By A Teacher: ‘Our Environment Keeps Us Down’

Steve Harvey gives some very powerful advice from his book Act Like a Success, Think Like A Success to all of us who struggle with mediocrity in our personal and professional lives. Before I started writing for Liberal America I only thought about writing. I’d keep telling myself “someday.” It took a very good friend of mine to help nudge me back into writing, and now I’m like an addict.

I can easily see myself writing everyday, and it’s something that I honestly love to do. Doing what you love is not easy, but it’s always worth the time and effort.?Dealing with self-doubt is the hardest part, next to worrying about what others in your life will think of your passion.

Steve Harvey offers a powerful message about the generational handicapping of potential. I try to watch videos like this everyday to keep me motivated. So here is Steve Harvey’s video titled “Take The Lid Off The Jar!”