Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Using Coloring Books To Brainwash Your Children!

I’m a Pinterest lover. I use it for all my random crafting that I do for tutorials, inspiration, etc. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered a pin of the Ted Cruz Coloring Book. Thinking it was a joke of some sort, I clicked it. Sadly, I discovered the Ted Cruz coloring book does exist.

Really Big Coloring Books Inc. makes coloring books and custom coloring books for children. Their website maintains that they are:

“One of the Best and Oldest Coloring Book Publishing Companies in America!”

On checking out Cruz’s coloring book item page, it is described as:

“The Cruz to the Future book is a non-partisan (bullsh*t), fact-driven view of how Texas Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz became a U.S. senator and details, through his quotes and public information his ideas for what he believes will help America grow.”

“…he is a modern ‘superhero’ to many and looked upon in adoration and abomination by some.”

Excuse me for a moment while I go brush my teeth after vomiting in my mouth.

So, what did I do? I bought it. Yes, I wasted $9.72 ($5.09 for book and $3.99 for one-day shipping on Amazon) on this thing. Some have even told me I must have money to waste (I don’t). I had to see it. I had to tell you guys about it. I needed to color it.

Normally, I find coloring to be relaxing. However, when I started reading through the “fact-driven views” of this?dangerous piece of garbage?it became very obvious that this is?nothing but a method of?indoctrination meant to brainwash children of America who are unlucky enough to be in the vicinity of anyone who believes in this crap.

To color the following images, I used Prismacolor Premium markers. They are my second best markers. Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is not deserving of my top of the line markers (Copic). I’ve added a few additions to what I think will make the book a bit more truthful also. All badly colored images were done by me. I wouldn’t let my kid even look at this crap.





Here we have the Cruz family. Not much to add except I’m sure the girls miss their Dr. Seuss books since Daddy takes them to work.

They include a small bio for Cruz on a page titled ‘America: the Land of Immigrants’:

“Cruz’s father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, was born in Cuba. Cruz’s father fled to Texas at the age of 18.”

Awesome story. Inspiring even. Except Ted Cruz doesn’t support immigration and is the child of?an immigrant.

The book then goes on to explain that the people of Texas wanted a “new strong conservative” who would stand up for all people regardless of:

“…race, creed, background, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.”

Ok. We aren’t only brainwashing children. We’re lying to them now. Just yesterday, the Huffington Post reported Cruz joined other Republicans in asking the Supreme Court to uphold bans on same-sex marriage in states. Here’s a quote from Cruz on Tom Leppert marching in a gay pride parade:

“When a mayor of a city chooses twice to march in a parade celebrating gay pride that’s a statement and it’s not a statement I agree with.”




Here’s where I started to really get angry. I highlighted it above, but here… let me share it to make sure you can read it.

“Cruz has stated the president (Obama) has a disregard for the Bill of Rights… it is unfortunate Obama and his administration have a consistent disregard. It seems they use any opportunity to go after the Second Amendment right and other constitutional rights such as free speech.”

Sure. that sounds TOTALLY non-partisan. For those who don’t get my sense of humor, that’s sarcasm.

Oh, and by the way? Has anyone had their guns taken away yet?




If the Republicans want to protect all children, then they should do so at all ages. However, what do you call cutting funds to education and welfare programs and Medicaid programs that help children stay healthy and educate them? What do you call the issue Conservatives have with women’s birth control??Not protection… that’s for sure.


Ok. So I didn’t color this one. Frankly, the creepiness of this page doesn’t need any color. In fact, I feel like the message behind this image drains the color from individuality and creativity, molding children into good, non-questioning?citizens. Children who colored this page and the accompanying page with the Pledge of Allegiance written on it were asked to:

“Take this to school and give it to your teacher. Let them know that you want to recite the pledge.”



This is what made my head almost explode. Not only are we trying to brainwash children, we are now?using scare tactics that people are going to DIE because of Obama Care.

“Many people may get sick and die because they lost their health care coverage during Obama Care. More U.S. citizens may die of illness if they don’t get insurance than died in all U.S. wars since World War II. Many, including Obama’s own supporters, feel the president has betrayed millions of Americas.”

Can someone please go figure out how many Americans have died since Obama Care was implemented and get back with me on it?


Don’t ask what got into me. I felt this was more appropriate than the image they were trying to portray of Ted Cruz. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a hilarious, silly clown or a scary clown. I think this is a badly drawn mix of both.

So, I finished up with the clown that is Ted Cruz, a man that wants to run this country from the Oval Office.?I’m going to burn this book now.?I would keep it; however, propaganda like this is dangerous to the minds of children, and I would be risking my child seeing this bullgunk, and I?can’t let that happen.