Why Do Humans Cry? The Truth Behind Our Tears

Did you know that Humans are the only species that produce tears when emotional? Tears are not just superficial expressions of emotion, however. They also serve a very necessary purpose. There are 3 types of tears: basil, reflective, and psychic.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

1. Basil Tears

Basil tears are tears are the tears that lubricates your cornia. They keep your eyes moist and protected. We always produce these tears. People diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome are unable to cry and have to use artificial tears regularly to keep their eyes lubricated.

2. Reflexive Tears

Reflexive tears are produced when they eyes are introduced to irritants such as dust or vapors from an onion. They are designed to wash out irritants.

3. Psychic Tears

Psychic tears do not predict the future, but they are the most mysterious kind of tears. No one knows exactly why we produce them on an emotional level, but scientist have linked these tears to an area inside our brains known as the limbic system. The limbic system is the emotional headquarters of our brain. Inside that system is the hypothalamus, when our bodies send neurotransmitters indicating a strong emotional reaction so something emotional. This part of the limbic system tells our bodies to produce tears.? They even have a natural painkiller called Enkephalin which helps modulate our moods.

Here’s a video explaining everything complete with a shiny power point! Yay education and stuff!