Scott Lively: The Gay And Lesbian Wedding Curse Could Be Stopped By Pitchforks And Torches

Scott Lively has a way to end the gay and lesbian wedding curse on America.?In a recent column by the anti-LGBT pundit, he argues that it’s time to bring out pitchforks and torches. In his column, he states:

The elites need to see the angry mob ? liberals and conservatives together ? surging through the streets, pitchforks and torches held aloft, ready to tear down Frankenstein’s castle with their bare hands if need be. For Christians it’s Jesus and the moneychangers time! Making a whip of cords like He did with His own hands, and letting these arrogant puppet-masters know we mean to use it (metaphorically speaking).

gay and lesbian wedding
Image by Tim Pierce via Wikimedia Commons.

Lively also states, “The only way to deter the elites is with the threat of a mob.” Lively’s obvious bullying tactics are disgusting. It’s always alarming to see such hatred spew in the name of religion. Lively no doubt believes he is just preaching some of that good ‘ole “Christian” love.

In another excerpt, Lively continues to suggest that pitchforks and torches are necessary to fight gay marriage.

The only way to deter the elites is with the threat of the mob. They need to see the pitchforks and torches to know they’ve gone too far and need to back down.?That’s where we are today in America. The elites want to eliminate the natural family to create a better class of serfs: state-bred children for the factories and the battlefield ? easier to control, dulled by drugs and sexual promiscuity ? and bread and circuses.

The damage caused by the hate spewed by right-wing Conservative “Christians” is enormous. With more and more vile comments thrown towards LGBT people, we are constantly dehumanized.?When gay people are dehumanized, we are seen as unworthy. We are seen as unequal. We are seen as less than. We are seen as different. We are seen as outcasts. We are seen as vile creatures. We are seen as demon-possessed.

This hate rhetoric by such people as Scott Lively must end. This hatred for others isn’t biblical at all. No matter how Conservative “Christians” try to spin it or misinterpret the Bible, teaching and spreading hatred is not biblical and is not what God or Jesus would want. “Christians” such as Scott Lively love to point out the “War Against Christians” and “religious persecution.” But, do you want to know who is REALLY persecuted?

LGBT people suffer from religious persecution all of the time. LGBT people are dehumanized to the point where religious people bully and harass them. LGBT people are forced into committing suicide because they’ve been treated so horribly by the good ‘ole “Christians.” LGBT people are murdered in hate crimes. The dehumanization of LGBT people must end. If we’re not seen as human, then why would anyone think twice about killing us?

This hate against LGBT people needs to stop. Scott Lively should?point the finger at himself. By continuing to demean and dehumanize gay people, Scott Lively has blood on his hands.


Caleb Woods is a Communications and English major. He is a reader, a writer, and an activist for LGBT rights, women’s rights, and the rights of the American people. He has lived in Alabama for his entire life and has experienced first-hand discrimination and bigotry. He hopes to change hearts and minds across the world so that people may show more compassion and empathy for their fellow man and woman. Click here if you'd like to donate money to Caleb's coffee fund.