TX Mayor Goes To Bathroom With Mic On — Hearing Him Pee Will Haunt Your Dreams

My friend John Prager found this hilarious bathroom humor story. From his piece at IYON:

Texas city councilwoman dissolved into giggles during an April council meeting after the mayor ran to the bathroom and left his microphone on.

As Georgetown?Councilwoman Rachel Jonrowe was about to speak, Mayor Dale Ross took a bathroom break, but forgot to switch his microphone off before heading out to relieve himself. ?If your life has not already been touched by antibiotic-resistant disease, it probably will be at some point,? Jonrowe began.

As she began to speak, however, the sound of the mayor’s powerful and satisfying stream of urine blasts through the speakers. Janrowe continued, though she found it hard to keep from laughing. It was over when the mayor flushed the toilet — Jonrowe burst out laughing and the laughter continued as the completely oblivious mayor sauntered into the room from the bathroom and took his seat.

The most alarming thing? The mayor clearly did NOT wash his hands after urinating. I bet he was confused that few people wanted to shake his hand after the meeting.

Watch this hilarious video below.

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