Gay Couple Attacked In Brutal Victimization Of The LGBTQ Community

On Tuesday night, a violent attack on a gay couple occurred in Chelsea, New York. ?Jonathan Snipes, 32, and Ethan York-Adams, 25 suffered the victimization at a local restaurant in Chelsea, New York. On Tuesday night, Snipes and York-Adams were out celebrating Cinco de Mayo at a Dallas BBQ. Snipes received a text message informing him?about the death of a family member and had to leave the restaurant abruptly. On his way out, however, he accidentally knocked over a drink at a man’s table.

Image by Dan Previte via Flickr.

According to Snipes, the man made anti-gay slurs. Snipes approached the diners about the antigay slur. When Snipes walked over to the table,the man stood up and began to attack him. Snipes was knocked on the floor and the man began to kick Snipes’ head and spine, while shouting, “Take that, faggot.” Snipes received a bruised head and one of his teeth was knocked loose.

After the initial assault, York-Adams helped Snipes to a table, but they were then attacked for a second time. As seen in the video below, the man came up behind Snipes and York-Adams and hit them both with a chair.

Police are currently investigating the incident but are not considering this a hate crime. No arrests have been made yet.

You can watch the video of the attack below. Note: It is a graphic video.

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