Legal Misconduct — Lying Police Caught On Film During Traffic Stop

This video shows how police often engage in legal misconduct during traffic stops. Many?–?if not most — minorities know that if a police officer doesn’t just give you a ticket, then they are fishing for something to charge you with.

The police are not paid to be reasonable, they are not paid to “protect and serve.” They are paid to produce revenue, just like any other employee of a corporation. And they will lie to meet their quota.

In this video a police officer pulls a man over for crossing a public sidewalk in his vehicle. The thing is that the sidewalk also ran on a private farm from which the man was traveling, he was parked on the grass of this private farm and was leaving.

As you watch the video you get a clear understanding of the type legal misconduct and games police like to play. And the things they will do and say in order to charge you with a crime or violation. The lesson to learn from this video is the same as many other videos like it. Do not talk to the police, They either have eyes on your wallet, your freedom, or both.

Here is the video.