Rick Perry’s Wife Makes Vague Claim On Twitter – Will Perry Run Again?

On March 15, former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s lovely wife, Mrs. Anita Perry, spoke to the masses on Twitter regarding the future of the country.

Since I am thoroughly convinced this is not an indication former Governor Perry will admit that he abused the power of his office, I think it is safe to say this tweet may be in reference to a second attempt at planting the Texas flag in the White House Rose Garden. Granted, such a possibility may only exist if Perry does not summon the ghosts of his abysmal 2012 campaign and refrains from using the term ?oops? in the forthcoming Republican presidential debates.

I'm not sure Rick Perry is appreciative of that comment. -- Image via Burnt Orange Report
I’m not sure Rick Perry is appreciative of that comment. — Image via Burnt Orange Report

Rick Perry’s possible throwing of the ten-gallon hat into an already saturated GOP rodeo isn’t necessarily striking news. From NBC:

?Perry is expected to join an already crowded GOP field where he is polling in the single digits. But the longest serving governor of the Lone Star state claims he has been preparing for a second run since his previous unsuccessful run.?

If assumptions?are correct, Rick Perry will join a steadily growing roster of ethically and intellectually questionable conservatives vying for Republican Jesus’ approval, including a guy who thinks going to prison makes people gay, another man who thinks net neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet, and another former Governor who thinks school shootings?occur because God has been removed from schools. With each introduction of a new player, the GOP cesspool running for president proves to be more provocative and fascinating. Rick Perry (potentially) entering the race gives viewers around the nation something hilariously familiar, even dependable in its capacity for asinine statements and cringe-worthy image changes.

Might Rick Perry bounce back from his disastrous 2012 campaign and stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Cruz, Paul, and Huckabee? Could Rick Perry be the GOP heavyweight champion of the world? I cannot say for sure, but given those composing Perry’s competition, the man who once issued an executive order for?all sixth grade girls in Texas be required to get a three-shot Gardasil vaccination?does not appear to be the biggest moron?looking to take on Hilary Clinton.?I will say this, though. Only being able to name two of the three federal government agencies you would like to shut down is still better than confusing John Wayne with John Wayne Gacy.

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