You’ll Be Blown Away By Michelle Obama’s Workout

Michelle Obama’s project as First Lady has been to get kids moving. To set a good example, she has tweeted a video of her intense workouts, and I imagine there are going to be some people crying “Scandal!” when they see her in stretch pants and tank top!

Look at that gameface! (Screengrab)
Look at that gameface! (Screengrab)

The First Lady shows off her workout skills jumping rope, working a medicine ball, squats with a bench, lifting 35-pound weights, and putting some gloves on and kick boxing.

It also includes many firsts for a First Lady. According to The Washington Post, she is the first to show her workout routine and wear a tank top and stretch pants. I’m waiting for the comments to trickle down about the evil of stretch pants/yoga pants.

What’s even more awesome is that you actually get to see her physique. How many hateful conservatives have called her fat, have called her “Moochelle”? Sorry guys, the First Lady is smokin’ hot. Considering her arms look like she could beat the hell out of someone, they might want to get the hush mouth.

So check out our First Lady workin’ out.You can watch the video below!

h/t: Newser