Christian School Performs Skit Mocking Native Americans, Heap Big Racism Ensues

UPDATE: After we posted this story, the church took the video down. It only had about 2,000 views when we wrote this up, so I guess they didn’t like the negative attention Liberal Americans gave them! Suffice to say (since you can’t see the video) that it was hella racist.

Sometimes we err and think we’ve seen it all. Other times, right wing evangelicals and staff at a Christian school behave exactly as we expect them to.

At a recent pep rally for a Christian school football team, a staff member dressed in traditional Native American costume and did a war dance into the?auditorium. He then proceeded to talk in an exaggerated fake accent and use words like “heap big spirit” and “squaw.” He then also called what I presume to be the pastor “kimosabe,” the word that Tonto used to address The Lone Ranger.

From Stuff Fundies Like:

Apparently in fundamentalism ?racial equality? means treating every minority group with an equal level of disrespect.

Central Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has a school and that school has a basketball team called ?The Warriors.? So naturally this happened:

So I guess at a Christian school, anything like this is totally OK, huh?

You can tweet to these goofballs if you want, or send them a message on Facebook. I say we make some suggestions on how they can be more politically correct and respectful. Maybe they can dress up in blackface to celebrate MLK day or something, for example. (sarcasm)


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