The Hypocrisy Behind Evangelical Biblical Studies: Being Gay Is Worse Than Child Molestation

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar -- image via Wikipedia.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — image via Wikipedia.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the Duggar family from the popular television show 19 Kids And Counting?are in the middle of a massive scandal. It was revealed recently that Josh Duggar admitted to molesting young girls – including some of his sisters. In what seems like a never-ending whirlwind of controversy, developments continue to arise. From Mike Huckabee supporting the Duggars, GOP hopefuls hanging out with Josh Duggar, the police report against Josh Duggar being destroyed, Josh Duggar joking about incest, to the lack of sympathy for the victims, the Duggars are now a household name – albeit for the wrong reasons. Now, there’s even a hilarious video parody of the Duggars.

As we all know, the Duggars have been vocal about their hatred of LGBT people. They’ve celebrated the repeal of LGBT anti-discrimination laws, called LGBT people a threat to children, demonized gay people, and stated that gays are child predators. One of our writers even had an article go viral. The article, which is an open letter to Michelle Duggar as she celebrates victory in repealing LGBT anti-discrimination laws, reveals the hypocritical nature of the Duggars.

The problem with this latest Duggar scandal is the fact that the Duggars are complete hypocrites. The Duggars are guilty of pointing fingers at everyone else except themselves.?Matthew 7:3, anyone? They can point out the sawdust in other people’s eyes, but it looks as if they need to pay more attention to the log in their own eyes. However, this doesn’t apply to evangelical biblical studies. No. Molestation is better than homosexuality.

The Duggars represent a horrible concept of Christianity. Everywhere you look, people are coming up with ridiculous reasons as to why Josh Duggar needs to be defended. Evangelists are even stating that when Josh Duggar molested the young girls, he wasn’t a Christian yet. Somehow, Josh Duggar is receiving a free pass. Do you know who isn’t receiving a free pass? LGBT people.

All over the country, people are fighting for their right to refuse services to LGBT people. Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Alabama, Texas, GOP hopefuls such as Jeb Bush, and the list goes on and on. I have an important question – will businesses fight for the right to refuse service to Josh Duggar? According to the Bible, Josh Duggar has committed a sin. So, using the same logic that many conservative “Christians” use, wouldn’t they want to deny Josh Duggar service as well? Conservatives love the idea of denying LGBT people services, but why is this situation any different?

Let’s look at the main problem here. According to conservative “Christian” logic, BEING GAY IS WORSE THAN MOLESTING A CHILD. In order to support this belief, many “Christians” have come up with an excellent concept. Josh Duggar molests girls and sins. Josh Duggars asks God to forgive him. Josh Duggar is now forgiven. All is well. Everyone can now go on with their day.

Now, let’s look at gay people. According to conservative “Christian” logic, gay people choose to be gay, choose to act upon their “homosexual urges,” and can repent and turn away from that “lifestyle” at any given moment. Therefore, many “Christians” believe that gay people are sinning every single day, sinning over and over, and choosing to continue to live a “lifestyle” of sin. Why is this worse than child molestation? DUH! If you molest a child, you technically sin only once and can quickly be forgiven by God and decide not to molest children again. BUT, if you’re gay, you sin over and over each day. Therefore, God will not forgive you. Somehow, many conservative “Christians” use this logic to justify the mistreatment of LGBT people.

Let’s look at another sin – murder. According to conservative “Christian” logic, committing a murder is better than being gay! If you kill someone, you only sin once and can be forgiven by God (although you’ll obviously suffer consequences on earth such as jail). Once again, if you’re gay, you’re choosing to sin over and over, and God will not forgive you. That’s some pretty messed up logic, right? These beliefs are nothing more than bigotry wrapped in a coat of religion. Has anyone else had enough of the “religious freedom” laws? Has anyone else had enough of hypocrites who condemn others? I, for one, am tired of crazy logic and beliefs that are only meant to hurt people. The Duggars and?their “Christian” beliefs are detrimental to society and the well-being of LGBT people.



Caleb Woods is a Communications and English major. He is a reader, a writer, and an activist for LGBT rights, women’s rights, and the rights of the American people. He has lived in Alabama for his entire life and has experienced first-hand discrimination and bigotry. He hopes to change hearts and minds across the world so that people may show more compassion and empathy for their fellow man and woman. Click here if you'd like to donate money to Caleb's coffee fund.