Small Business Technology Solutions Leaked From Scientist Pope Francis

Washington, D.C. is not the only source of leaks. Apparently God has leaked Pope Francis? Climate Change edict. His paper wasn’t finished, rather it consists of his private musings.

Pope Francis’ Unintentional Small Business Technology Solutions. Courtesy Raynaldodallin.

God And Science

This draft isn’t a detailed scientific analysis, although the Pope attended the technical secondary school Escuela T?cnica Industrial and graduated with a chemical technician’s diploma. No, instead we see Pope Francis reflecting on what tasks he believes God has given us as we live here on Earth.

And I if wonder the Pope intended to create a multitude of jobs if we only pick up his idea and run with it?

So he has God whispering in his right ear and science whispering in his left ear as he writes out his thoughts:

“Numerous scientific studies indicate that the greater part of the global warming in recent decades is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gases.?

The Nontraditional Views

Pope Francis is not a traditional Pope. He makes changes, which doesn’t always make friends in the Vatican’s centuries-old tradition. This Pope also has a huge amount of common sense ? and he shares it with us,

?“Humanity is called to take note of the need for changes in lifestyle and changes in methods of production and consumption to combat this warming, or at least the human causes that produce and accentuate it.?

Sabotage In Highest Places

One of the Vatican officials believes the leak was an act of ?sabotage against the Pope.? But I believe that the act backfired and has left us able to see Pope Francis more clearly. He writes,

?“Numerous scientific studies indicate that the greater part of the global warming in recent decades is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gases?given off above all because of human activity.”

Small Business Technology Solutions

Pope Francis is writing to us in his draft ? indeed each of us, regardless of religious beliefs or non-beliefs, was to be his audience all along. And imagine how many small businesses could result if we were conscientious about our host Earth,

Faced with the global deterioration of the environment, I want to address every person who inhabits this planet.

“In this encyclical, I especially propose to enter into discussion with everyone regarding our common home.”

Pope Kickstarts Change For All

Pope Francis talks about how Earth is protesting our misuse of her. He says Earth,

“Is protesting for the wrong that we are doing to her, because of the irresponsible use and abuse of the goods that God has placed on her. We have grown up thinking that we were her owners and dominators, authorized to loot her.

“The violence that exists in the human heart, wounded by sin, is also manifest in the symptoms of illness that we see in the Earth, the water, the air and in living things.”

Pope Francis calls for a new global political authority. In doing so I think he is?encouraging small business technology solutions, an economic solution for us,

“Tackling?the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions.”


H/T?the?Guardian?and Mother Jones.


This article was updated to correct the Pope’s educational credentials. Thanks to one of our readers for pointing out our error to us!