Report: Josh Duggar To Be Sued By Victim Of His Sexual Abuse

Though it’s highly unlikely that “19 Kids and Counting” co-star Josh Duggar believes in the concept of karma, it sure is coming back on him in a major fashion.

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A report by InTouch magazine says that one of the non-family member victims of Duggar’s molestation plans to file suit against the reality TV star.

A legal expert who was quoted by InTouch said victims are still able to file a civil suit against Duggar ?under Arkansas Code Annotated Section 16-56-130. The law allows civil action when a sexual abuse victim experiences the effects of the abuse years later, even beyond the criminal statute of limitations.

A lawsuit would require that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar–the parents of Josh–to reveal what they knew about their son’s sexual abuse and any actions they might have taken in an attempt to cover up his actions.

A source quoted in the magazine story noted:

?All the church elders who knew about this will have to be named.”

That same legal expert added?the?that Duggar parents would not be able to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights because the criminal statute of limitations has expired for any crimes related to the alleged cover-up.

You may recall that TLC, which televises “19 Kids and Counting,” put the series on the shelf when allegations sexual abuse and child molestation came to light a little more than a month ago, and Josh was forced to admit that he had indeed, as a younger man, touched underage girls–including his sisters–on their bodies as they slept.

Just when you think this story’s momentum has faded, yet another development brings it back to the front page of the national consciousness. No doubt there will be more revelations in the months ahead.